Home Discussion Forum Is there an accredited college or university which offers degree in parapsychology?

Is there an accredited college or university which offers degree in parapsychology?


  1. Duke University did studies in Parapsycology 5 decades ago, I don’t know if any program still exists. You might find some schools in Russia where they were doing experiments after WW2

  2. The first and only Ph.D. in Parapsychology awarded by any American university, was the University of California, Berkeley awarding the PhD to Dr Jeffrey Mishlove in 1980.
    Reportedly, as many as 46 people in the UK have doctorates in parapsychology. However, with the exception of Dr. Mishlove, mentioned above, the so-called “46 people in the UK” have doctorates in other disciplines, principally in psychology, but completed doctoral thesis work which included or were devoted to research projects in parapsychology. Such individuals are also expected to be competent in the disciplines in which they received their degrees. Examples of these individuals include: Dr. Susan Blackmore (it says “PhD in Parapsychology, University of Surrey, 1980” on her webpage CV [12], though), Dr. Richard Broughton, Dr. Deborah Delanoy, Dr. Serena-Roney Dougall, Dr. Chris Roe, Dr. Simon Sherwood, Dr. Christine Simmonds, Dr. Matthew Smith, Dr. Carl Williams, Dr. Richard Wiseman, among others. [13]
    From the pdf below:
    What most parapsychologists end up doing is studying psi by applying the concepts and methods used in their mainstream field of study. For instance people trained in anthropology might study psychic beliefs and practices of people in “primitive” cultures, whereas someone trained in philosophy might study the implications of psi for the mind/body problem. However, regardless of the field you choose for your major, I would suggest that you take some psychology courses, particularly experimental psychology, tests and measurements, and statistics. The reason for this is that parapsychology borrows its research methods primarily from psychology,and you will need familiarity with these methods regardless of what approach to the subject matter you finally adopt, including specialization in the study of spontaneous cases. If you decide to major in psychology, I would recommend that in addition to the method courses, you take courses in cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, and physiological psychology.
    If you are fortunate enough to attend an accredited college or university that offers a good undergraduate course in parapsychology, you of course should take that as well. (The RRC is planning to publish a list of schools that offer parapsychology courses). However, you will not be able to major in parapsychology. Likewise, you will not be able to get a graduate degree in parapsychology at a standard university. However, there are such places where you can get a doctorate in psychology with a specialization in parapsychology. Foremost among these is the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where a distinguished senior parapsychologist, Dr. Robert Morris, heads the parapsychology program. Several of Dr. Morris’s former students have obtained appointments at other British universities where similar doctorates can be obtained, although Edinburgh remains the most prestigious choice.
    Unfortunately, such specializations are not available in other Western countries, although you may be able to find a professor who will supervise a thesis or dissertation in parapsychology.
    We arecurrently preparing a list of parapsychologists who are able to provide such an opportunity. In one respect it is advantageous to get your doctorate in a mainstream discipline, as it will increase the marketability of your degree when seeking a mainstream job, which many parapsychologists have to do at some point in their careers. Another option for people who wish to study in the U.S. are non-residential universities. The ones we are most familiar with are Saybrook Institute, based in California, and the Union Institute, based in Ohio. Both have awarded Ph.D.s to students who have specialized in parapsychology.
    Not a complete answer, but it seems that there really isn’t an undergraduate degree program anywhere, and your best bet is either Edinburgh, or one of the alternatives – either majoring in something else while pursuing parapsych, or attending one of the 2 less-reputable institutions.


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