Home Discussion Forum Is there alternatives to treating asthma without having to use an inhaler?

Is there alternatives to treating asthma without having to use an inhaler?

My son is currently on Albuterol and Qvar. We also own a nebulizer machine for emergencies. I am just looking for other alternatives (herbal or homeopathic or spiritual)for treating asthma.(If any)


  1. have you tried him on singulair? I believe it’s indicated for asthma but it’s an oral treatment. of course the pills (at least the adult ones) are about the size of a nickel, but at least it’s a pill.

  2. I would suggest to find a hypnotherapist who works with children. I know about loads of people very successful threaten for their asthma on this way.

  3. YES! I used to have chronic asthma – could not even walk up a few stairs without needing my inhaler and now I am totally cured and never wheeze or need an inhaler.
    Firstly, I took a course of BUTEYKO. This is a powerful but simple method which CURES asthma. (I used the Buteyko Eucapnic method). I went in on lots of different inhalers, a very ill person, and after 24 hours, I’ve never needed another inhaler again or had an attack or even wheezed much, and if I do feel short of breath, it’s quickly controlled by using simple techniques.
    I don’t want to go into the specifics as it could be dangerous for you to try them on your son without a professional showing you how. the basic point is that asthmatics actually OVER-breathe (even though they think they can’t get enough air), and it teaches you to breathe more gently and calmly. The major point is to ALWAYS breathe through the nose, never the mouth, which you could start training him to do immediately, as this could not hurt him at all. It’s a good thing for everyone to do!
    Secondly, get him checked for allergies: it is amazing how certain foods and things in your everyday environment can make your asthma so much worse. Common culprits are dairy products (mucus forming) and grains, but different people are allergic to individual things (I am allergic to sugar, for example). Also, many environmental factors affect asthma – animal hair, cigarettes, dust, bed mites, paint. One of the worse culprits is aerosol – so cut out all air fresheners, spray deodorant, hait lacquer, etc. Also, asthmatics should not take codeine – nurofen is a big no-no. One excellent treatment for Allergies and asthma is EPD (Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization).
    I really hope this helps. I live in the UK, so I hope these treatments are available wherever you live. GOOD LUCK!

  4. My child is asthmatic due to prematurity respiratory issues… It could be anything causing your child’s airway problems.. Does he have a restricted airway (can be caused by scar tissue or a naturally small airway)? Is he allergic to something..like dust/mold/grass/pollen? My son lived on albuterol almost daily for his first 4years, and I truly understand…we also had to do pulmocort 3x a day, and had respiratory emergencies in between.. I’d suggest seriously finding the allergies if any first, and then working with that and hopefully easing him off of albuterol. Albuterol is supposed to be the rescue..not the mainstream…albuterol is the fast acting med that opens up the airway during an attack… Pulmocort or Qvar or others are supposed to be the long term med..and most of those meds are unfortunately inhaled.. There is an albuterol that is in liquid form that is taken po (by mouth), but it’s highly nasty, and not the best for kids…
    I would suggest at night do a Vick’s chest rub..have found it helps my son anyway…when he has problems breathing, usually during sickies…and saves from albuterol usually as he gets older…
    Hope you find what you need…


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