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Is there a working hypothesis on how consciousness arises?

I know that many debatable theories have been proposed, such as consciousness arising from matter (highly unlikely) and matter arising from consciousness (still debated) but has any quantum physicist proposed a working hypothesis yet?
Sorry I should have been clearer. I mean consciousness at the level of a human, not individual elements or at the cellular level so disregard bacteria etc.
I want to know if there has been a working hypothesis proposed yet, not what it is just where to find it and who came up with it.


  1. Well, for us humans, it’s rather simple.
    Life experienced by humans is a mental construct.
    If you can conceive of this basic premise, then everything you experience in life as a human, be that consciousness, (awake) or sub-consciousness, (dreaming, REM stage of sleep) becomes a cogent frame of reference for the most basic of human consciousness.

  2. Water – a substance that extinguishes fire “arising from” hydrogen – highly combustible – and oxygen – required for combustion… highly unlikely? Certainly not foreseeable by any law of physics.
    What are your grounds for asserting that conciousness emerging from matter is highly unlikely?

  3. There’s no evidence (yet) the brain works on a quantum level — but yes, Roger Penrose has a theory about quantum consciousness. He wrote several books about it, I’d suggest starting with this “Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness.”
    Interesting interview with Penrose:


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