Is there a Wiccan equivalent to a Christian godfather?

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I’m a practicing Wiccan, but I can’t seem to find anywhere any terms about a Wiccan “goddessfather”. I suppose it would be similar, and I would love the child regardless of my “title”, but it would be nice to know if there was something similar.

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Perfect love/perfect trust

Mentor works.


There is NOTHING Wiccan equivalent to any thing Christian.


i think you will find there is lots of similarities as Christianity is based on the older religions to make it easier for the indigenous populous to accept Christianity 🙁

Child of Venus

I don’t think there is any particular name that Wiccans use for a godparent…However, we do have a God too, so godfather is still appropriate. Personally, when I have kids, I’ll probably pick a godfather and a goddessmother.
Venus Bless


There is no official doctrine on it. These kinds of rites of passages are things that people largely create for themselves, or look for a version that they like. If you like the title, use it.


Since Wicca doesn’t have baptism or believe in it as Christians do, The actual terms would be Mentor, elder or sponsor. depending on what you are doing. You have the naming, then the coming of age. Now if you are are being a “Godfather” for a Christian Christening ceremony… Then that term would apply.

Star Danser!!! <3

I have actually met a Goddessmother before, so yes, I think the term would be goddessparent.
The problem lies in the fact that godparents were chosen by parents to raise the children in the Christian faith should the parents die or otherwise not be able to raise them to be good Christian people. To name people goddessparents of a child in this same sense, teaching a child a Pagan or otherwise Goddess-worshiping path, almost smacks of indoctrination.
However, I fully intend to make my Christian best friend the goddessmother of my future child(ren) in the sense of being an auxiliary parent (the way it’s more commonly used today), and I fully expect my future husband to choose a god/dessparent for our child(ren) as well.


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