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Is there a website where I can input the Tarot cards that came up in a spread and tell me the interpretation?

I’ve been studying the tarot off and on for a few years now and i have a really difficult time intrepreting an entire spread. Individual card interpretations are easy, but how they relate to each other and the overall meaning of the spread is very difficult for me to determine. Also have you ever noticed that every tarot book seems to have a different order of cards with the celtic cross spread? This is the spread that i have the most difficulty with.
I use the Robin Wood deck, if that helps.
Please help, thank you.
for instance, here is a spread i just did…
1. Judgement (r)
2. Temperment
3. Knight of cups (r)
4. 7 of swords
5. Wheel of fortune (r)
6. 10 of cups
7. 9 of pentacles
8. hanged man
9. king of wands
10. ace of cups
What is the overall meaning behind this spread?
lol # 2 is supposed to be “temperance, sorry


  1. throw the book away, would be my first advise.
    we call it a reading because the cards tell you something.
    you need to learn to listen to what the cards are telling you. and they will tell you what they represent in the locations that they fall into. there are traditional meanings associated with the cards. but they cannot explain or cover every possibility.
    seriously listen to the cards. meditate with them. simply spend some time each day looking at the picture and the cards will take on meanings of their own for you.
    do this and you will find your readings becoming more accurate.

  2. There are literally hundreds of Decks and thousands of spreads. Each can pass information or intuitions to the person using the deck. That makes remote readings difficult or impossible.
    I use several decks and a multicircle spread for all of them. If your spread is not working for you after years, I’d move on to some others.

  3. I believe that you are probably putting too much thought into it. Do you read the little book? If you do throw it away and start the whole process over again. Also you might look at a different deck. I personally love the Robin Wood Deck but there are others that I have a hard time connecting with.
    The reading of the cards is a highly personal craft. Certain cards invoke meanings for some people but not for everyone. You could get a technical reading possibly on the net but I think you would be better off working through this on your own. If you are reading for yourself you should probably stop right there since it’s a very iffy game.
    Either way if you want advice and/ or a lesson or two email me and I will go through what I teach. I have never had a problem getting people to the point where they can read.
    By the way you can’t get a meaning from your cards unless you tell us the spread you used. I’m guessing it’s the celtic cross spread but not really sure.
    If you wish you can email it all to me and I can give you my interpretation but it won’t be as good as you doing your own.

  4. This tarot forum would be quite useful to you, it has been for me. Click on the link below.
    They have tons of information regarding the Celtic Cross and other spreads which you might like. By the way, throw away the little white book of your deck, it’s practically worthless.


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