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Is there a website I can upload my picture to and it will show what my aura looks like?

Or some sort of program that does the same thing?
Yea i wouldn’t pay for something like it, just want to test it out. Like shareware or freeware.


  1. Probably not. The problem is that auras have never been shown to exist. So basically they’d just be adding fake color around you. Not something worth paying for.

  2. A lot of psychics have been tested to describe auras. They are shown volunteers. The psychics then go on to describe the auras of the volunteers by color, size etc. The volunteers then stand against a thin cardboard wall that prevents the psychics from seeing them but should allow the aura to be seen. The psychics always fail to identify the person with the aura. In effect they are guessing!
    You’d maybe be better off asking someone that’s good with Paintshop to add an aura to your picture. This way, you could choose the color and size of it. Could look pretty good too.

  3. Doubt it.
    There are companies who will take a photo of your aura, but they charge for this . I think it is called Kirlian photography, but you will have to check this.
    If you know someone who claims to be able to see auras, then ask them and they may do you a favour. Otherwise, what is the point of finding out as just concentrating on self development and being the best person you can be will ensure that your aura reflects the true you.

  4. yeah i could write it off easily: ill make it draw a stickfigure to recognize your posture, and fade-colour it’s sorroundings with one of 16 different colours.
    auras don’t exist, and people who are smart enough to write programs know it.

  5. Don’t really wanna suggest any site for this as real life aura reading is a reality but not in your neck of the woods.
    Actually, there is probably a mirror and just the right lighting conditions u can use to see your own aura or just ask another living breathing person to see if they can see.
    There is probably a lot of things lost in the translation of real light to light reflected off a photo and then sent electrically (as I think that there are fuzzy electrons).

  6. A Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things. Yes it can change colors, yes it really exists. I can see them. I’ve always been able to see it. If you want to learn how to master viewing auras, PRACTICE look at your hand with peripheral vision infront of a white wall. You can also do this with a person. If you think of a color or rainbow hard enough you can project it. I’ve played this game with a reiki, psychic, medium and was 100% I’m also a reiki master who works with the chakras/ aura.


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