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Is There a Weapon of Life?

I’ve been wanting to create a picture of two angels standing back-to-back, holding up their weapons. One is an angel of life, the other, death. Everyone knows of the Grim Reaper’s scythe, but what I’ve been wondering is, is there some kind of weapon/tool of life? Such as a shaman’s staff of some sort? Thanks.


  • Wasn’t there a Holy cup? The Holy Grail. A shepherds staff. A Bible. How about a Holy Spirit cell phone? just kidn. Oh, I know, a cross. Like the ones they kill vampires with. Maybe you could draw a “word”. Maybe chains, like the ones holding Satan. A fig leaf dart thrower. How about a noose for Judas. some stones and rocks. Holy water. Maybe have some blessed bread loafes they can throw. slap someone with a big fish. Thrown sand in their faces. Do camels eat meat? Jesus was a carpenter right? well theres a whole range of tools you could use. How about David’s sling shot thingy. Maybe they could call in abunch of doves to attach people. Maybe they can throw pork chops at folks. Maybe some tar, then the angels can feather them. Some people might be alergic to frankensense and muir, and they can throw it on them.
    I hope that helps some, or atleast make u laugh. Hey, wasnt there some magical sword someone had to pull out of a rock?

  • Yes, in christian belief it is said to be the cross which signifies, death, and life. or an anchor. In Greece it is the rod of Aesculapius. A serpent entwined around a staff. The Japanese/Chinese symbol for life is the kanji. For the Celtic, the symbol is the Tree of Life. For the Egyptians, it is the Ankh. For you or me it is what ever symbol our souls call life. If you need an image picture Micheal holding an anchor.

  • Bows…Swords….and…..Spears…..have all been used as the weapon of the light in paintings and pictures i seen, I’m keen to the Bow thou…

  • The angel of life’s weapon should be Love and the angel of death’s weapon is fear. Only because the perfect love cast out all fear.

  • You should look into Hindu symbolism for that. They have all kinds of strange symbols.

    Personally I’d use a staff made of woven vines, with leaves and such on them.

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