Is there a way you can get an answer to a question thru ur subconscious mind?

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I have been wanting to make up my mind about something….since logic seems to have failed here (i have reasoned and reasoned) but not come to anything conclusive
I have read in several places that the answer to all your haunting questions lies in ur subconscious mind….can anyone advise how to do that…i.e. ask urself and then get the right answer….

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you can, without thinking.


Errm well i got told that if you forgot something or were trying to work out a problem, think about it very hard for a few minutes, then do something else. Then think about it very hard for a few minutes again later. Then your subconcious will work on it while you do other stuff. I do this when i forget dreams, and sometimes it works 😛


Screaming in dreams is the result of some repressed desire, actions or unfulfilled longing/wish.
People dream dreams in the sub-conscious state of mind. Human beings have three stages of mind, conscious, unconscious and subconscious. During sleep the mind remains in subconscious stage.
All unfulfilled hopes, aspiration and desires etc. remains in subconscious mind. These are called repressed (suppressed) desires. Because, due to various reasons those things cannot be disclosed in reality.
Those repressed desires are expressed in dreams. Your creaming may also have some background of suppressed activities.

Top Cat

if you got such an answer you would not understand it as it comes from the subconscious so it is not going to be properly made out (written correctly)


Sleep on it. More often than not if you know the question you already know the answer, you just have to realize it and then accept it. There is a time called the Alpha state, that place between fully asleep and fully awake. That place where you can direct your dreams. This is where/when you will find your answers. The trick is to remember the question before you go to sleep and recognize the answer when it comes. This time/place also helps you visiualize the various outcomes of various answers and help you choose the best one for you. Remember Occams Razor. When confronted with a problem your first, simplest solution is probably the best one.


This is what people mean when they say “sleep on it.”
While conscious mind is asleep, subconscious often tries to help resolve the day’s problems in it’s own non-linear, convoluted way.
[The best way to describe it is that it tries to solve the “square peg-round hole” problem by trying every peg, even those the conscious mind would reject outright, until it happens upon the right one.]
This is why many people awake in the middle of the night with an inspired notion. [BTW Failure to write this notion down before falling back asleep almost always results in the “oh, if i had only written it down last night” self-flagellation. These are the same people that have learned to keep a notepad and pen on the nightstand.]
While it works best with homework or step-by-step type problems, in your case of “making your mind up about something,” the inspiration will manifest itself as a “gut feeling.” [Hence the phrase, “go with your gut.”]
Important note: this approach doesn’t guarantee a right answer, especially when the manifestation is only a “gut feeling” rather than a systematic approach to resolution (like realizing the trick to a homework problem.)


Most of our brain activity is unconscious.
Hence, for example, it is very common to wake up in the morning with an answer to a crossword clue that had so puzzled one the night before.
Much of our daily activity is unconscious, eg breathing, walking, even driving.
So yes, just rest, and often you will think through a problem without being conscious of doing so.


Many people use a simple pendulum and a piece of paper to obtain yes and no answers to questions that may be hidden in their subconscious minds. The pendulum amplifies tiny involuntary muscle movements. Although some believe it is connected with psychic abilities, it works even for non-psychic questions. For example, one person who was afraid of dogs used the pendulum to learn her own age when the fear began. When she talked to an aunt she was told that a dog attacked her at that very young age, but she had forgotten. The information was in her subconscious but she could not get to it without the pendulum.
Some people suspend the pendulum (even a thread with a ring) between thumb and finger over a piece of paper, with elbow on the table. The paper has a large cross (X) on it and two circular arrows (clockwise and counterclockwise). The pendulum is free to swing forward and back or side to side and can also swing CW and CCW.
One must learn how to use the pendulum by asking questions, where the X will be for yes and no. How will I answer questions Yes? How will I answer questions NO? Mark arrow heads on the X yes and no. How will I answer questions I don’t know? How will I answer questions I don’t want to tell? Mark the circular arrows IDK and IDWTT.
Now practice with questions you should know like Is my car red (Yes). Is my car black (No). If necessary gently start the pendulum moving in the ‘correct’ direction voluntarily but it should start to answer involuntarily.
If you ask questions where there are no literal answers in the subconscious (are there people on Mars?) you should get IDK. If you ask a question where the answer has been severly supressed you may get an IDWTT as a safety valve because you are dealing with a very troubling question. One person asked whether he ever wanted to kill his parents and got an IDWTT and was shocked. Upon further search he had wanted to ‘kill’ his parents after being spanked as a child, but his subconscious held that question to be very troubling.
Some have used the pendulum to locate lost property, because their subconscious mind ‘knew’ where it had been misplaced. Other have looked for deep feelings (Do I love Santa? Do I believe in Santa? Do I hate my neighbor?). Some have used it to lessen deep feelings (Is it OK if I hate my neighbor less?).
You may use the pendulum to help resolve haunting questions within limits but be patient and learn how to use it to resolve simple questions first and remember that nothing (and no one) if perfect.


A pendulum!
See Profile 🙂

Witchy Mel

Personally, I wouldn’t ask my subconscious, I would ask my higher self. The best way to hear that guidance is through meditation. Just sit and take some deep breaths and clear your mind. Then think of your question and ask yourself “What does my higher self say?”
You should be able to tell the difference between an answer coming from your higher self and one that is from your material self. Your material self will answer with all the same confusion, angst…whatever is associated with the situation…your higher self will answer objectively and calmly. It will ring true, make sense and it wont be an overly emotional answer and that answer will not be followed with any explanation.
That is how you will know it to be truth and follow it.
If you practice this on a regular basis, it will be easier to tap into this inner knowledge resource.
Your subconscious only knows what you know, what you have seen, what you have heard etc.
Your higher self knows much more and is tapped into a Divine source, it is much more beneficial than your subconscious in this kind of situation.


yes, your subconscious is your deeper mind it is the storehouse….it knows the answer….You can ask yourself a question in an affirmative way. I will use my own issue since you didn’t mention what your is : I would ask: What do I need to know to be ready to start my new job?….I could sit & relax & see if it comes & have a pen & paper to write down what comes up & even journal to see what happens & this might be all I need. I could lay down & say that I am going to sleep & dream a message to help me. Then as soon as I wake up I have write down the dream all of the details. I am good at interpreting dreams so you would have to analyze it or get help in doing that………you could just know that the answer is coming to you in divine right order. I was trying to explain something to my husband once & instead just affirmed the answer would come to him…that night we went to see the movie Ghost & there was a dead person showing Swayze how to move a penny on the subway. This was the asnwer that you do it with you mind not your fingers….so just know the answer is being shown to you & listen to everyone & everything looking for the meaning.


You need to listen to your dreams. That is where your mind will communicate with you. Even if you can’t remember them you will remember the feelings they instill in you as you awaken. Think of your question and take your time. This is a difficult way to do it though. It’s better to write your problem down and then set down the pros and cons on a paper and make your decision based on that. Some times the answer is to do something even if its not the right direction and life will turn you around.


I have a little technique that I use to conjure up things when I am not able to locate them. I think of my brain as a card catalog system that has everything that has ever happened listed in it. I direct my thoughts to the card that needs to be pulled and then think on it a moment and wait for an answer to arrive. The proof is in the pudding. For example I have gotten really good when I have a word on the tip of my tongue that needs to be pulled up. I demand the mind to find the word and in my mind I picture it looking through the cards until it reaches me and I usually come up with it fairly quickly. Just a little thing that I do.


Your question reminds me of how the sewing machine needle was invented. The inventor was trying to figure it out and was frustrated in not being able to do so. Then he had a dream in which he was being chased by cannibals with spears that had holes in the tips.


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