Home Discussion Forum Is there a way to Take away another persons negative energy?

Is there a way to Take away another persons negative energy?

I feel like am more so an empathetic person than the norm and just would like to help some of my friends when i feel they are down, is there a method, or way to take in someone else’s pain to make them feel a bit better?


  1. tell them ur pain, how u deal with it, make sure it’s worse though, do small or large favors for them even if they say “no”, if u don’t have worse pain, cause it! esapically in front of them, they will either luagh at u or forget there worrys and help you! works when i’m depressed…which is becoming more and more often…

  2. You can’t take anyone’s pain and you have no control over anyone but yourself. Live and let live. Let everyone travel down the path that they are meant to travel, otherwise we risk robbing them of learning experiences and sometimes suffering the consequences that are necessary to learn. Never interfere with the flow of life.

  3. Most people just seek for someone to actually listen to them. and even give them feedback. There’s no way to change them, they have to want to change. But you can help them by changing the way they think from negative to positive thinking. Help them see whats good about life, than whats bad.
    Hope this helps!

  4. You need to be trained in order to do this without taking in or on the pain your self.You should look up and study +Reki+ it is a form of helping and healing people that I think you find very interesting and very good at.Please do not try to take away pain unless you know how to send it away.

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