Is there a way to send thoughts through telepathy?

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I believe that my friend and I are telepathically sending messages without us knowing. I’ll be thinking of a song and suddenly he’ll start humming it or I’ll be thinking of a movie and he’ll be like, “I havent seen this movie for a while, we should watch it.” Is it possible to develop telepathy to the point where you can have conversations in your mind?

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Not really. It’s been tested in the labs forever, and nobody has been able to show any telepathic ability other than random chance. The former stage magician James Randi has a standing offer of $1 million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate any psychic ability.
Nobody has collected a dime from him.
More likely, you two are both picking up some subconscious clue in your environment at the same time, and it reminds you of the show or song. It might be on a radio somewhere near you, for example. Or it might be as subtle as a color that’s the same shade as a dress worn by the same character in the movie. But I doubt seriously that it’s telepathy.


well theres no evidence for the existance of such abilities(claimed existence and evidence of existence are two different things)
James Randi has a “million dollar challenge” for anyone who can demonstrate anything supernatural under lab conditions.
might as well give it a shot:

Charles & Willa

It happens all the time . The problem is that at our present stage of evolution it is a haphazard affair,working well sometimes and not at all others.
Randi is a farce. No one in the paranormal field takes him seriously.
If you proved to his face that a phenomenon actually occurred, he would find something “wrong” with the experiment, or if all else fails, he would declare it a fraud, and proceed to duplicate it with trickery,as a magician. Therein lies the Randi fallacy: If it can be faked, then it was faked. What kind of reasoning is that? Obviuosly ,almost anything real can also be faked. He is just there to push his own agenda,and he is not even a scientist.
Yes telepathy is REAL. I have had many experiences. I have known who was calling hundreds of times. I have had feelings someone was in trouble and needed my help,l and sure enough they were,with no hint of a problem beforehand,.When my daughter was accidentally killed,my wife and I heard her scream 1000 miles away, at the precise time it happened. We were alon alone without a radio or TV on .There were no cats ,dogs, children, or anyone else within hundreds of yards .We were inside our house with the AC on and all windows and doors closed. I surprised myself and my wife one time by humming a song and within seconds it came on the radio. It was a 30 year old song and the station we were listening to never played classic rock, but this time they did. I could go on and on about all the telepathic, and other paranormal exp’s I have had.


Most things like this are coincidence.
Let me know if you hear someone’s answer to this question without them sending it to you via any physical communication lines.




Yes, this is a well-documented and scientifically demonstrated phenomenon.
For example, is the site of a pioneer in dream telepathy experiments. is run by Stanford Univ.-related professionals, with links to well-run dream telepathy experiments.
Looking up studies, duplicated at several universities, beginning with the Grinberg-Zylberbaum team in 1993, the Sabell team in 2001, the Wackermann group in 2003, and the Standish team in 2004, further refines how telepathy occurs. (It is worth noting that dogmatic nay-saying is typically illogical, and uninformed as to the high level of professional design in such research.) These experiments have in common use of Faraday cages (to screen out EMF energies), double-masking protocols including for evaluation, and high correlations using brain scan technology. One protocol: pair two people who “meditate together,” use other pairs as controls (no joint meditation, etc.). Then, separate the pair, in cages (different rooms, of course), expose one to a specific and unique stimuli (e.g., certain patterns of visual, e.g. light sequences), note eegs for all individuals at that time, and the patterns of cortical activity in the control groups are not correlated, whereas the patterns of the two who shared meditation together record highly correlated brain patterns specific to that unique and sole-individual stimulus. This indicates that individuals who feel and enjoy and think alike are able to influence and communicate with each other within a nonlocal, non-EMF mode. has examples of “telephone telepathy” experiments, in which random and friend callers were induced to call the subjects, with significant “guessing” prior to conversation, by the subjects, of who was calling, etc.
So the question is relatively resolved, in favor of some nonlocal, non-EMF similar-feeling/thinking connection sense, termed “telepathy.”
It is well to note that there is a continuum at work: some coincidings are more telepathic, some may be more shared environmental stimuli, etc., and confidence gained as one notes genuine, rather unique and convincing shared telepathy may strengthen and develop further the quality.
Some resources:
“A Secret History of Consciousness,” Gary Lachman,
“The Big Book of the Soul,” Ian Lawton,
“God Is Not Dead,” Amit Goswami, Ph.D.,
“Entangled Minds,’ Dr. Dean Radin (full urls deleted due to Yahoo! limit of 10 live)
“Into the Light,” John Lerma, M.D.
“Man’s Psychic Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov,
“The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet,
“Ethical ESP,” Ann Ree Colton,

Witchy Mel

Yes, thoughts that are really loud come across clearer. Try screaming something at him without actually using words or sounds. Make it a simple sentence and practice. You can also try sending each other images, like a slice of pizza. It really boils down to actively practicing. When two people hang out with each other a lot, it makes it easier to communicate between each other but often times one person is the sender and one is the receiver. It takes practice to be both at the same time in order to carry on a conversation. But practicing it would be fun. 🙂


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