Is there a way to se aura?

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I heard somewhere that its possible to see aura…If there is please tell me how!!!

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i have heard of it but all i know is that is you are somewhat phycic, you can see people’s auras but its not just something you can learn. but, i heard of a phycic kid that would see colored auras and feel the emotions they represent, like yellow might be happy


Yeah its through visualisation, meditation and visualising through your third eye (chakra) (middle of your forehead)..the source website may have some more information about it, if not google the phrases above and you should find some good sites.


if you would have hung out with Rick James when he was alive you would have seen his purple aura

Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods

It is complete self-delusion. I have had several different “aura readers” look at me, and not one of them could agree on what my “aura” color was, what mood it represented, my emotional state, etc. etc. ad nauseum.
Held to the crucible of the scientific method of obtaining empirical evidence, neither auras or psychic “abilities” can be proven to be real. In fact, most evidence suggests that such “phenomena” is either a delusion, completely made up fantasies, or is a complete coincidence.
The human eyeball is constructed in such a way as to receive visible light waves and to convey that information by the optic nerve to the brain where it is translated into images. The eyeball is not designed to pick up electromagnetic activity (which is the only “aura” humans have – their own electromagnetic field, as proven by Kirlian photography).
Given the complete lack of anatomical structure capable of “seeing” electromagnetism, the inability of “aura readers” to objectively supply concurrent data, and the complete lack of empirical evidence of any “psychic” power being anything more than a coincidence, the logical deduction is that “aura reading” is simply a delusion, with connotations of delusions of grandeur.

Hana & Alyssa

What’s that?


Meditate, focus, believe that it is possible, get a good idea of what exactly aura is, and you might actually “see” it, although it is far more likely you will feel peoples auras. Oh, and Lord Bearclaw, why didn’t you announce that you were the worlds authority on the workings of the subconscious? We don’t “see” the aura, we feel it, and in some people that can be perceived by the brain as sight. Last I checked, science can’t show evidence of all that it admits exists. Dark Matter, anyone? Aura is simply your energy, which some people can feel. I apologize to everyone else for blowing up like this, but people like him really tick me off.


The Nurse is correct. There is absolutely no proof.
BTW, you know what ticks me off? People that feel the need to call others out in their answers and attack them. That needs to be reported more vigorously on here. Post your answer and leave other people out of it – they are entitled to post their opinion and knowledge on here the same as you.
My remarks in general.

Lord Bearclaw Nemesis

Lord Bearclaw, the man who believes in nothing unproven by science. And as for the aura readers you mentioned, they clearly invented it as you probably have no aura/soul to see.


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