Is there a way to learn to create and control ki energy?

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I’m just a begginer and admitedly, I know little about it. Help please?

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No, that’s just nonsense.


Yes, build a small pyramid. It has powers.

Jamie D

Yeah. First learn about yourself. Meditation helps too. Then learn how you perceive said energy, then learn what it is, then learn what it does when you shape it. It sounds simple, but it’s a long road, and I wish you luck with it. We need more Scholars these days.


Energey can neither be creater nor destroyed. matter can be changed into energy how ever. as for controlling it, not a clue. and 1 more thing. ki energy in FAKE

I Shall Be That I Shall Be

Yes, though many here would not understand or believe in it. Seek what you wish on the inner journey and do so through meditation. This is your life force.


No, something about that type of energy not existing.


I recommend Martial Arts because they teach you how to move your bodies energy when you punch, kick ETC. If you’re trying to do Hadokens and energy blasts though you are out of luck. That stuff is just fiction.


Find a credible person with experience to teach you about it.
It depends in what context you want to learn about it.
I believe Ki – Chi is probably a mix of many factors, physical, physiological, psychological, etc, etc… but because it originates from a very different culture, it tends to overlap many western categories.
I’m mostly familiar with it from studies in the martial arts.
My understanding of it is that it is a kind of soft flow of force, that energy can transmit subtly from one body to another and thus influence the other person. We use it to soften technique as we blend with an opponent rather than fight against him. Again, some of this could be understood differently, as momentum, applied physiology and psychology, etc… Many people will deny the existence of ki as an energy and they may be right. But whatever the explanation, I know it works in this context from experience. So I’ve learned to suspend disbelief with time because whatever the explanation, the concept has been useful and has real practical applications. Whether it represents a “real” life-force or not is not something I particularly care to ponder, because I’ve learned with time these questions don’t lead anywhere.
The other use I know of is in traditional healing. I don’t have any personal experience of that, but I know people who have had experienced with it and many people report it can have wonderful effects on common injuries. The idea, again, is that the life force is directed within the body. Again, there may be some placebo effect involved, or the person may simply be applying some subtle form of massage. I strongly suspect more is going on, but again, I don’t have the final explanation and I have found skepticism to be of little use.
So in conclusion, whichever aspect you would like to know about, it’s something to be experienced rather than learned about. The idea is not bunk. It’s not these extraordinary displays either; legitimate martial artists don’t claim to be able to knock people out from 10 feet away. The only warning I have is about these things: There are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. People who know about ki tend to be modest and to take a low key approach to its presentation. (ki is about relaxation, after all).
So the best I could recommend is to try to find such a person. Keep an open mind, but keep the radar switched on for fishy stuff.


What is ki energy?


spiritually speaking what does it mean to let life flow through you?

I am reading a Louise Hay book & can't get an picture or example of what this means. Can you give me an example.

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