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Is there a way to have electronics in a bedroom acording to Feng Shui?

I want to have my computer and my tv in my bedroom, but according to Feng Shui we’re not supposed to have them. Is there a solution?


  1. If you’re going to do Feng Shui, follow it. But, from what I’ve read and researched, it is basically a guideline. I have a really good book on decorating with Feng Shui, but, it also states to view yourself and balance you life with it. If you have to much Yin, add more Yang, etc. If you’re doing it to improve your life, and not just because it’s ‘in’, start small and balance your life with it first, that might just do the trick!

  2. I once read there is a solution for that. It said that you can have electronics but they have to be covered by a wood door as a closet or a wardrobe and only open them when you are using them. The thing is electronics steal energy from us, so we need to put a “shield” between electronics and us. Wood won’t let the energy pass over. So that could be a solution to follow the Feng Shui. Hope to be helpful. Happy new year!

  3. bedroom is for sleeping.
    sleeping = yin.
    watching tv = yang.
    bedroom must be yin.
    there must be no reflective surfaces in the bedroom. tv screen is reflective, meaning you need to cover it up with a piece of cloth before you go to sleep. but often, you’re too sleepy to do this. so, it is not really recommendable.
    a reflective surface in the bedroom make you wake up as though you haven’t slept at all.


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