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Is there a way that the belief of chakra can coexist with the beliefs of Christianity?

there are monks in the east that sometimes chant and all but they believe in buddahist and Christian beliefs. The 14th Dalai Lima of Tibet believes Christian, Scientific and Buddahist beliefs can coexist but I do not understand


  1. Kneeling, as practised by many christians when they pray is the most effective method of aligning the chakras for spiritual communication.

  2. The monks you are refering to sound like the Bahai religion. I think a person can be a Christian by religion and practice Buddhism as a philosophy on how to better yourself.

  3. No. If you’re belief is in Jesus Christ, there should be no room for anyone or anything else. If your faith in Jesus alone is not complete, you need to check you faith.

  4. They can if you are one of the few christians that still has an open mind and are not completely programmed to reject anything that doesn’t fit within christianity.


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