Is there a type of Zen that focuses just on meditation and not really on Buddhism?

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I heard somewhere that there is a form of Zen that has nothing to do with Buddhism.

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Hahahahaha... ^_^

Most of Zen focuses on meditation and personal experience above conceptual doctrine and thinking.
I do not know of any specific schools, but I have heard of Zen masters ripping up and then burning the various scriptures as a step in their progress.


Buddhism did not invent the moon.
Zen is proof of that.
Instead of worshiping or dwelling on the finger pointing to the moon, which is Buddhism, one might go in the pointed direction.

Myth Buster

No, Zen is a part of Buddhism and will always be so. There are some Zen practitioners who put the sole emphasis on meditation without studying the scriptures but no one can say that Zen meditation is not a part of Buddhism. It was founded by a Buddhist master from India and will always be a part of Buddhism.


If you are just interested in meditation but not Buddhism, why don’t you just meditate. You can believe in any religion and meditate, if whatever your religion allows.
Meditation is a major part of Zen practice. Zen does not exist without Buddhism, for Zen id derived from Buddhism. However, meditation does not equal Zen.
A lot of people are not Buddhists, but they meditate. Meditation is just a way to sharpen awareness, clear mind, reduce stress, and etc….Everybody probably has the need to do all that, and neither tools nor religions are needed.


You can do Zen style meditation without the other practices that support and enable it. You can also buy a hammer and think you are a carpenter. Or eat nothing but chilles and think you’re having Mexican food. If you aren’t going to do what it takes to get results, why bother?

Tommy H

Yes, there are many sham or fake Zen schools and temples that ask for a fee to join.
Besides, it is hard to learn Zen Buddhism because the Zen dharma only last for 6 generations.
To find out more about Zen in details, read up Zhuan Falun Lecture on the web.


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