Home Discussion Forum Is there a type of Buddhism that doesn't believe in reincarnation?

Is there a type of Buddhism that doesn't believe in reincarnation?

I know that a lot of Buddhists believe in reincarnation but I was wondering if there is a certain kind of Buddhism where you don’t believe in reincarnating.


  1. Most of the eastern religions believe in re-birth and re-incarnation (both are different things). Only way out is Moksh.
    If you love Buddhism, take what you like from it. God never tells anyone this is right, this is wrong.
    All God wants is love, and respect for his creation.
    God luck

  2. There is now. You can have your own false religion. See how easy that was?
    Now if you are in search of actual truth and not just something you are comfortable pretending in, look to Jesus Christ.

  3. I have not encountered one as the Buddha specifically taught about how rebirth affects us all, but every Buddhist is free to believe whatever they wish.
    Even Zen, the least dogmatic form of Buddhism teaches this:
    “And as long as you’re subject to birth and death, you’ll never attain enlightenment.”

  4. No
    Buddhist strive to be Buddhas whom are free from the cycle of rebirth and conditions of karma. If reincarnation do not exist, Buddhism will cease to exist as well


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