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Is there a such thing as "Chakra"?

I’ve been feeling energy go through my body and i can also control it too. what is this? and i researched about it and the closest thing i could get was “chakra”. and if its chakra, then could it help me with boxing? because thats what i think…


  1. I don’t think there is anything controversial in saying that the body is made of energy; considering what we know from physics and biology. But I think the word chakra might be a bit misleading. Who knows, the Chinese have mapped the entire body’s “energy system” and acupuncture seems to be pretty popular. But it might be easy to take that as evidence for some magical kind of energy, when we’re really just talking about human negentropy or thermodynamics. Whatever a “chakra” or “energy system” might turn out to be in reality, there’s no doubt it’ll be a lot more complicated, and awe-inspiring than what you’ll get in a book from some outlandish mystic tradition.

  2. “Chakra” means wheel.
    The chakra you are referring to is somewhat like a wheel of energy. This energy is subtle.
    The map of the chakras is a subtle map which does not really exist, nor do the chakras per se. But it does follow a certain philosophy. It is not a scientific map. It is all in a subtle level, yet one can observe it with a pendulum.


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