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Is there a such thing as an aura?

I’ve heard that higher classed monks were so powerful that you could actually see there aura and feel a gravitational pull from them. Is this true or not?


  1. yes it is very true. im almost sure its ben proven. if u close your eyes and face a person, sometimes you will see a color outlining there body or a blob of color thats there aura. you dont have to be a monk to see them, “normal” people can c them too.

  2. I do believe in auras because I can actually still see them. But I’m not really sure if that “monk” story is actually real, but it’s possible.

  3. Yes there are aura’s, they are the energy that is within everything that sometimes shows if you know how to look for them. They also show up on Kirlian Photography.

  4. Well, we are to some degree an electrical system, and we have a magnetic field. So I guess it depends on how you define aura. As for monks warping gravity. No.. not gravity. I could see maybe somehow learning to control the body’s electrical flow to a degree, and do things like move compasses and the like, but not gravity. EM maybe, because we are electrical, but even that would take some serious convincing…

  5. Everyone has a aura.. It is the energy field around the body.. It appears in different colors according to your thoughts and the health of your body.. the halo around the pictures of saints is the aura..


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