Is there a subliminal message in a tattoo that shows a knife through an ace of spade?

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Is a tattoo of a knife through an ace of spade card considered racist?

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keneda g

why would it be?
i dont get it…

Sally C

You can read about the ace of spades or “death card” on this website




I really wouldn’t know what that means. The best way is to ask that person. He can say that because it just looked cool, and if it was for that reason…9 chances out of 10 he will probably regret getting it done, cause things that look just cool wears off in time. People should get a tattoo because it means something!!! A spider web for an example on the elbow basically means one has done time….whether it be in prison or the service. However there are street gangs and out of respect I won’t mention their names, but a person can’t have a web on their elbow unless they killed someone. A tear drop can mean 3 different things…either you killed someone, someone close in your got killed/died or you were a member of a club/gang and a club/gang member got killed. When it come to the ace of spades with a knife through it…I don’t know, but I never heard it to be racist. I know having 4 cards, a woman and a wine glass/beer bottle means that the person at one time got caught up in gambling, women and drinking and possibly almost took their life. There is too that tattoos can mean different things in different locations. However many people are getting tattoos for cosmetic reasons today instead of meaning (just because it looks cool).


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