Is there a subliminal message behind Obama's message of change?






This is an extremely serious question….
7 years of this Administration has taught me not to accept anything as straight forward. The various happenings have been too shocking in some cases to contemplate as a freethinker… I can understand why Conservatives bury their heads.
Even Bill Clinton said….. “There’s a government inside the government and I don’t control it.”
Will Obama be able to control it too… I doubt it.


  1. Yes. Good point.
    There IS a “secret message of Change” behind Obama’s message of “Change”——-
    (Obama is going to get his 72 Virgins, no matter what he has to do to get them.)

  2. Don’t be fooled. Obama is part of the establishment. Just look at how he was elected in past elections. He has had insider help for a very long time.

  3. Yes, whites are going to pay for handouts to illegals and everyone else.
    Sad but true.
    But, Hillary wants the same thing. Dems don’t like whites enough.

  4. Not you too. ( theme from the twilight zone)
    Probably a message that says change.
    Read “who rules america”, if you’re going to check this.

  5. “Subliminal message??”. Not at all, but it’s obvious this dude hasn’t really given up the crack-pipe. He did say to his followers something like:
    Together WE will change America, WE will change the world!!
    Oh lord, save us all!!

  6. Do you mean, is Obama asking us to spare some change? I doubt a Harvard lawyer is short of cash.
    I’m not certain what bugs me so about Barack Hussein Obsama – that he frequently forgets his tie? The honor student disease? That smug, Ivy League liberalism? The background in Chicago machine politics?
    It’s mainly that he’s way underqualified and way too liberal.
    But I think his character, intellect, and likability are way better than that shrill harpy who drove her husband into the arms of a chubby little nutso like Monica.
    If I had to choose, I suppose I’d stifle my nausea and vote for B. Hussein Osbama.
    Luckily, a real American leader (and a true independent, a true agent of change) will be beating young Mr Obama in November.
    I’m sure there’s always been little rogue units operating within the US gov’t (like the FBI under Hoover) – but I doubt there’s a shadowy group of X-files type guys pulling strings. Money and influence, sure. Secret cabals and Freemasons, no.
    If that were the case, people wouldn’t try so hard to be elected. Who would, if they never held real power or influence?

  7. Well–what Clinton is referring to is better known as the federal bureaucracy, though in the sense sociologist described such institutions: Bureaucracy is an instrument of power of the first order–for those who control it.” In America today, the very real truth is that the highest echelon of bureaucrats are, by and large, the ones who control the various federal agencies–not the legislative or executive branch. That has gotten much worse in the last 7 years, for various reasons. To a great, though slightly lesser degree, the other “control group” are large corporations.
    Can Obama change tins?” Yes and no. He can take the lead. But he cannot do it alone–he will need strong support from Congress. That can happen. But t will happen ONLY if the American people–including the many enthusiastic supporters of his campaign put the pressure on Cogressto act. If they are expecting the job to be done by simply showing up at rallies and casting their voes in the election–they will e sadly disappointed. This is going to take a partnership–not a “great leader” who will solve our problems for us–but a leader who can set the toe and the pace.
    But ultimately–its going to be up to the American people–to YOU, to me, to all of us. And that is as it should be. Our foundng fathers intended the President to be the first among equals in a government BY the people-not to be a king to rule us for good or ill.

  8. Many many people have said things like “there’s a government inside the government”
    Rt Hon MacKenzie King , President Jack Kennedy and Sir Josiah Stamp among a cast of others
    What people miss , and it is somewhat excusable in both the US and Canada – is that politicans have always been a front –
    Go back through history and what you will find is the only time “we” began to make progress was when shock waves were sent through the Nobility of Europe as a reaction to the French revolution –
    “The white terror” and “the bread riots” finnaly the advisor who said the masses starve they have no bread to eat your Majesty
    Her response is known around the Globe “let them eat cake”
    She said this out of sheer ignorance of the situation and the upriseing saw the deaths of the Nobles
    The elites went under ground and hid – but they still maintained thier powers France with it’s new found freedom was circumvented bought off subversion of leaders purchase and blackmail – The new leaders learned their was a power above and beyond
    In other parts of Europe adjustments were made to hide the Nobles Gone were the days of fine wigs and pancake makeup
    A front was created soon after that appeared to grow in power and stature – No longer the useless formality of Roman Senate under Ceasar – a real Parlament and real this or that
    — But a controled one that would take all the anger of another uprising
    Then the next move was found in “workers of the world unite and throw off your chains” these are considered powerful and dangerous words to this day It too was attack and besieged until taken over and a power behind the power formed long ago took that back under it’s wing
    Obama – has – wether he knows it or not been allowed to play the game
    Think of this election as a Survivir episode
    At the end of the show you will vote for the winner of the red or blue team All the candidates who are interviewing for the job are controled by the camera here as well as on Survivor
    If the camera would like you to hate or love Obama they will create and send the appropriate message
    Obama must know that he plays not only to the camera but to those who control the camera
    Take Ron Paul – whether you liked him or not – The camera decided he was not a candidate – And so he was not
    Jack Kennedy appears to have gone along with the game here and there only to start bucking later – He is quite dead now and I am sure that , this being properly explained to a candidate along with the shooting of Regan and a large bank deposit and the demonstration of the power of the camera will cause the “candidate” to understand the importance of a right decison
    Obama is an illusion for you to believe in – for now at least – as is Clinton and Mcain etc should any of those candidates be found at varience with the circles of power they will be vilified ignored hated figures and all dirty tricks will be brought to bare upon them
    Indeed the full wieght of government has fallen on several candidates look well to Cindy McKinny she is no more and what an impressive figure she was
    And all she wanted was a straigt answer from Rumsfield about why Dymecorp was given the contract to vacinate America’s soldiers which she constantly refered to as “our children” when the contents of those vacinations were never disclosed made people ill and Dymecorp was directly linked to the sex trade and people trafficing in eastern Europe –
    She will never be seen on main stream media again and should her common sense concern for “our children” re- surface the barking dogs will yell looney socialist commie traitor
    Obama can suffer the same fate in an instant No he can not control what is there – if there were a thought or a fear that he would even try “they” would have removed him by now

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