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Is there a statute of limitations for an old hospital bill in Alabama ? (5/1/05)?

Hospital massively over billed me so I refused to pay. I offered to settle but they never got back with me.
Later it went to a collection agency which I also ignored.
Then it went to an attorney and apparently they sued me. I responded to the complaint a couple of years ago and then told the attorneys office that I was open to settling for a partial amount.
They removed it from the court docket. I sent a detailed letter explaining the overcharge and made a reasonable settlement offer. They ignored me for about a year, then out of the blue I got a letter saying my terms were acceptable.
However, their letter didn’t mention my primary concern which was for it to be deleted from my credit report. (No record of it whatsoever)
Told the attorney, he said he knew what I wanted and would ge it to me. Another year or so went by and he again ignored me.
Last week, I got a letter agreeing to settle for my original offer but all it says is they will “update” my credit report to reflect the payment.
Since it been so long, Im inclined to just ignore it because it was clearly not what I asked for and the darn thing will fall off my credit report before too much longer anyway.
My credit score is 769 (Credit karma, not fico) and I don’t anticipate needing credit again ever anyway.
I doubt they are going to sue me over this because I provided them and the court with clear evidence of the overcharging.
Thanks for any help !


  1. In Alabama the limit is 6 years for claims arising from contracts, but a number of issues can toll or otherwise reset the limit. Also, the statute of limitations is unrelated to the length of time a credit agency reports adverse actions.

  2. “Even though the statute of limitations has expired and you are unable to pay the debt, you can still be hauled into court. So, you must appear in court to raise the expired statute of limitations (SoL) defense. If you fail to appear in court, collectors stand an excellent chance of obtaining a default judgment.”


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