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Is there a specific pattern of asanas or positions one must follow in order to perform yoga?

Can someone perform random asanas and stretches in a sequence and still be practicing yoga correctly?


  1. no reason you can’t practice a particular asana, but consider that routines are designed to include various asanas in sequence for a reason. because it’s all about stretching, you often need to stretch some muscle groups before others. also, routines help to build discipline. with a vinyasa yoga (flowing) one asana leads naturally into the next. youtube ashtanga, a vinyasa yoga. again one leads to the next. notice how we begin with a small relatively easy routine (sun salutation) building up to the more difficult. you notice you become stronger and more flexible as you warm up and stretch the different muscle groups.

  2. I guess this would depend on what you view as yoga. There are many types of yoga that don’t necessarily even include asanas (Bakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga).
    So I would be inclined to say yes you can perform random asanas and be practicing yoga if this is what feels right for you to do. I would encourage you though to participate in full sequences as directed by a teacher.
    You should ask yourself what is your goal by practicing yoga. This can also change from day to day.
    Best of wishes in your search,

  3. Absolutely!
    While there are certain vinyasas (flows) that are traditional, such as Sun Salutation, people are inventing new sequences all the time. Be cautious though that you don’t go from a mild poses to an extremely strenuous pose and hurt yourself! Many flows are designed to open up areas for more complicated poses, so going from standing to a headstand might be a bit much. But, if your body wants you to go into a particular asana, go for it!
    For more detailed pose/flow info, try http://www.yogajournal.com


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