Is there a sight that offers free exorcises for third eye opening?

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I would like help to gain access to the spiritual world.

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You know not what you ask.



Tonya B

I would suggest a book by Rosemary Altea called You Own The Power. She also has a web page you could purchase CD’s. Also Sylvia
Browne has CD’s you can get at a book store.
I have not found any free sites. Meditation is the first step to take I do know that. And your other 5 senses need to be finely tuned is another step.

Just Breathe

Here’s a place to start.
Just remember…you have to make sure that the other six chakras have been cleared before you attempt to open the 7th one…premature opening of the crown chakra can cause all kinds of upset in your chi if the other chakras haven’t been ‘dealt with’ first.


Hmm, that sounds vaguely sexual….


The sight you require is within you. It is within all of us.
Also, you already have access to the spiritual world as we all do.
What you need to do is to enlarge the spirit within yourself.
To do this you ned to know how and that makes it necessary for you to know god.
To know god is to follow jesus and pray using the lords prayer with all your heart body and soul. If you really show god that you want to know him, he will open the door to you and introduce himself. Your journey will then begin.


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