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Is there a Shaman out there? (like vinslave)?

I was told that I was one by a psychic. She said that she didn’t use that word lightly. I was just curious what all that means. I have heard voices, seen lights, felt energy, ect. What do you (Shamans) think? Please email me if you are a Shaman.
I paid $20 for 15 mins. However the time went up and she kept going. She didn’t charge me extra for the extra time. I have gotten help from her on other occasions and she has not charged a dime.


  • For privacy’s sake I don’t hand out my e-mail… however GO TO another well-learned shaman who will test you, and help you determine if you’re called to it. Someone who has way more experience than I will give you a good “read” and usually it’s best done face to face with one. If you really are called… you’ll never escape it… it’s a responsibility and serious one at that. May you find happiness and freedom from suffering and I hope you find a good “teacher” to guide you!

    Quonox (forgive the personal chatter) Yeah. I’m one of those fools whom most Buddhists don’t like… I’ve found a path right down the middle that Buddhism doesn’t dislike and doesn’t disagree with Buddhist teachings, only using the teachings for benefit and under the guidance of strict Buddhist teaching… it’s hard to describe/explain easily here.


  • How much did you pay this “psychic” to tell you this?

    There are thousands of Pink Floyd fans that are shamans, if your definition is to be believed.

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