Is there a Satanic Ritual for personal protection or one that will help grant oneself victory?

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How is it preformed?
And I know “magic” is “bullshit”, but as Anton LaVey said, man needs ritual and it certainly helps to achieve one’s goals…
I know there’s no such thing as Satan. Do you not know what Satanism is? It’s not the worship of a blood god, it’s the worship of yourself.

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don’t do any of that stuff!! you’ll be infested with demons that will torment you

Todd A

Well, you could always try getting your “ass” to “work”, for whatever reason that the quotes are necessary. Satan’s no more real than any gods. Best way to protect yourself and win is to, well, get to doing it.

elephant crap

I would most certainly hope not.

John Forsythe

Take your pick, its all there. And i suggest you re-think your view on magic there is sufficient scientific theory building around it as we speak.

Actual Answer VPD

Unless you’re planning on suspending your disbelief in magic for the duration of the ritual, it will be sterile and ineffective.
To answer your question, write one yourself. Also look into Chaos Magic.


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