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Is there a religion that combines Wicca and Catholic? Is it possible to be both?

I know it’s an *odd* mix, to put it lightly, but the best fit I’ve found for my religious beliefs falls into two categories: Wicca and Catholicism. Is it possible to be both? If so, how do I explain one to the other? If not, which religion has aspects of both?


  1. I’m not sure how you fit the two together, but if that is what works best for you then go right ahead.
    It is possible to be both, however, nobody here is going to be able to really tell you how. You have to really see what aspects of both work for you and ‘create,’ your belief yourself. That way it is what you really believe in, not what others tell you to believe.
    Along with that, this is Yahoo Answers. You’re most likely just going to get a bunch of people insulting one or both religions, insulting you, or just saying something stupid.

  2. If your religion doesnt fully suit your needs but instead you want to combine your beliefs with that of another religion, then do a Guru Nanak; start your own belief. Nobody can stop you from having new beliefs, and others might be interested. Who knows, in a hundred years you might have started a new religion. People say that you shouldn’t take only certain parts of a religion, you should take all of it literally, but that doesn’t mean you’re obliged to do so, as I said, it’s your prerogative to choose your own beliefs.
    So go on, practise Wiccano-Catholicism, I’m sure people’s interest will be piqued by the idea :).

  3. Name one Wiccan thing that interests you.
    Seriously. In my over 20 years as a Wiccan, time and time again when people who want to “blend” Wicca with another religion appear, their version of what being Wiccan entails has nothing to do with what we Wiccans do.
    So, please, name one Wiccan thing you feel is important to your practices or beliefs…

  4. You could be an eclectic Wiccan that works with the Christian deities and Catholic saints.
    For those saying Santeria….Santeria has nothing to do with Wicca. It is a blend of Catholic and Voodoo.

  5. Most Wiccans will certainly accept this mix (athough there are many who will have a violent fit at the sight of a wiccan wearing a crucifix). Most, if not all, Catholics won’t. Santeria does have aspects of both, in that it has both saints and magic, but it doesn’t have the same reverence for nature that Wicca does.
    There is always the umbrella “Eclectic”. As far as explaining, it only really matters that -you- understand.

  6. There is a movement that calls itself Christian-Wicca, that borrows bits of both religions. HOWEVER, the result is something different from either. if you choose this path, which is certainly your right, don’t try fooling yourself and others into thing this makes you both a Catholic and a Wiccan. The core beliefs of the two religions are incompatible…and if you don’t understand that, you clearly do not understand the basics of at least one of those religion.
    You can’t be a monotheist and a polytheist. You can’t accept responsibility for yourself while depending on someone else to “save” you because you have to be responsible for someone else’s sin (i.e. original sin.)
    As Labgrrl said, I strongly suspect your idea of Wicca has little to do with what Wicca actually is. That’s usually how this question goes.

  7. No, I don’t think you can be both. I think anyone who tries to be both is really being neither.
    Practicing anything of the occult, worshipping anyone other than God (in the form of the Christian trinity), etc., is blatently against Catholicisim. To be Catholic you must believe certain things and recieve certain sacraments to be converted (you can’t just decide you are Catholic one day). If you are recieving the sacraments, but not confessing in church to occult practices, then according to Catholicism you are committing a mortal sin.
    To be Catholic you must embrace, or at least adhere to, the teachings of the Catholic church, which are very specific.
    Meanwhile, to believe there is one true way to the Higher Power, to believe there is anything like salvation, blood sacrifice for sins, etc., would go against Wiccan teachings that all paths are valid and to be respected, or that every person is responsible and accountable for him/herself.
    I think you can be one religion and admire another that has some things in common with yours, or inspires you… for example I am Wiccan but I very much admire Judaism… I even let some of my rituals be influenced by things that inspire me in Judaism.
    That doesn’t mean I can consider myself a Wiccan Jew (especially if I never formally converted to Judaism, which like Catholicism is a strict path), it doesn’t mean I can redefine Judaism or Wicca to make them both fit into what I want them to be or what I like.
    It’s not even like you have to choose… you don’t have to name your faith, you can just consider yourself spiritual and say you are influenced by religions like Catholicism and Wicca… I don’t think you can just claim to be one or the other though if you have no intention to remain true to the faith’s core tenets.
    This is especially unfair to Wicca– Catholicism is a major world religion with a long history and well established. Meanwhile, Wicca is struggling in it’s infancy as more and more people try to water it down and push it’s boundaries further and further to be “anything you want it to be.” It’s to the point it is becoming unrecognizable and the public is finding it impossible to understand it.
    Anyone who truly admires Wicca should not try to twist it to what they would like it to be, but respect it for what it is.

  8. I found find that organized religion of any kind is wrong. I believe that there is a creater, A spirit, and he/she is in many things like the earth, water, air and fire. I am of catholic descent, so I do believe in a the trinity. How he will punish me for my wrong doings. I dón’t know, but I discovered that every God/Goddesses in all religions are very jealous. The bible was written by man inspired by God,so man is not perfect. I consider it a tool. The saints I don’t pray to, but I admire Mary for her faith God or the Spirit as I call him. I don’t know what my path is, but goal in life is to follow my own. I believe it is wrong to judge people.The spirit has its own path path you to follow.

  9. Syncretic Wicca and non-christian Catholicism (yes it’s possible) both have very eclectic commonalities that any believer would find interesting. Look up the word catholic itself and you will find room to blend Wicca and Catholicism. Google told me that Wicca is a syncretic (the blending of opposing principles) belief that followers create themselves out of their own spiritual journey. This makes it possible for Christian teachings to be added to the study pot. In truth, we’re all members of the Earth which only has one roof suggesting that we’re all from a very dynamic Earthly culture or dare I say Earth religion?
    The Universe, one version of the truth.


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