Home Discussion Forum is there a religion for astrology?

is there a religion for astrology?

Like for people like me that watch and observe the stars and planets, and base our decisions off of them?
Please don’t be rude or mean, and don’t push your religion on me.
Yes i know that most if not all religions are formed from the zodiac, that is the main reason why i stopped being a christian about 5 years ago, and finally felt like i was free from tyrannical oppression.
i myself watch the stars and track their movements and they mean a great deal to me, however i wouldnt consider myself pagan because that word is just to broad, you know?


  1. many cultures have a tradition of astrology – I think it is something else – not religious.
    Religions tend to be social and political in nature – I think this is more of a study.

  2. There are religions that have a heavy emphasis on the study of astrology, such as Thelema and Ceremonialist Magic(under the Pagan umbrella). I’m sure there are others too, but those are right off the top of my head.

  3. Almost every single Pagan religion is based off of what our ancestors saw in the stars.
    For example, the ancient Egyptians believed the Sun was being held by a man named “Horus” who carried it across the sky. Horus’s birth plays out in the night sky during the winter solstice and spring equinox.
    The Zodiac was used in many different religions in many different ways. A lot of people make the argument that you can even see where a lot of Christian/Jewish ideas originated in the Zodiac.

  4. I would say that Wicca would be the closest one I can think of. Although, Wiccans use much more than just the stars, they use the air, fire, water, earth, and sometimes spirit. Their holy days are based around the moon and the seasons. If a witch was also a diviner, he/she might use the sky more than other witches to “see” and decide what their choice of action should be. Some witched scry in water, or fire. But I don’t think you could call Wicca the “Astrology Religion”

  5. Do some research on the Magi. They were the ancient astrologers who brought gifts to the newborn Jesus. You can also look into Theosophy. Esoteric astrology is a part of it’s metaphysical viewpoint.
    I use astrology in the timing of things that I do. I particularly use it in the alignment of rituals. I do not believe in it in a predictive way on specific personal basis. (IOW, I don’t think the planets cause me to do anything but they do often predict the path of least resistance for me.) The energies can be used in many different ways and much of it depends on your level of consciousness.


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