Is there a Registered Clairvoyant in the house?





im curious….how exactly does one go about finding a registered clairvoyant? i reaaaalllly wanna see one!
HAHAHA your all very funny 🙂 thanks for the laughs and yes…..i found a registration in California and it referred to a national registration…..makes you wonder


  1. Not sure about this, I suggest you contact your local spiritualist church or local Coven for contact details of a valid practitioner in your area.
    I am an active Clairesentient but I would never register with any organisation. The reason is I feel that the moment someone else starts to have control over my gifts they have the potential to abuse them.
    I do readings and I don’t charge money I just request a “gift” as the true Shamans of old did.
    The “gift” should be natural or at least free from materialistic gain (such as some fruit, flowers, herbs shells etc.
    Part of this “gift” is then given in offering to my Dieities and the other part goes into my majickal cabinet for use in spell workings etc for my clients.

  2. With whom does one register as a clairvoyant? Wow. This could be a great business idea. I could start a clairvoyance licensing board! Charge $50.00 bucks for an official looking certificate that says, “Certified by Rico.” Hmmmmm. Um, maybe that’s not a good idea. Forget I said anything. And if anyone else starts doing this, I’m suing!

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