Home Discussion Forum is there a reason when a person astral projects in lower realms?

is there a reason when a person astral projects in lower realms?

i project in lower levels often i don’t like it( there’s sex involved)it seems like i know some people there i greet them they’re all shorter then me it’s nasty place why someone like me projects into places like that am i bad case i know i’m not
no i’m not i have good sex life
i’m hot young and married my hubby is scorpio so s word is not a problem
MIKEY yes there always someone coming towards me trying to seduce me it’s hard to resist but most of the time i resist males and females once i was clearerly projecting floating around it was like a wood shop all of the souden a guy come towards me he’s hurt and he’s seeking for assistance so give him assistance he’s nice but i see his attentions he comes close to me and i have this feeling in my chest area i was surprised even thought it was nice i pushed him away it thought me a lesson strangers often comes to me but even when i go astral i have commitment to my marriage does this happens to every body in astral or……
INTELIEYE i kicked one bad spirit bute but iwas more etheric and my spiritual guide was protecting me i evan saw something on my hubby’s chest when i coming back in my body my physical and astral merge together and my physical is aware what astral is seeing we’re arounded with those entity’s that’s one of the reasons that i’m freaked out something can hurt me in any way’s


  1. I’m guessing that you’re a bit sexually frustrated, it’s common to dream about the old in-out if you haven’t had a bonk for a while.
    I suggest you relieve your tensions before you go ‘astral travelling’.
    Oh sorry, well if I’d known your hubby was a Scorpio I wouldn’t even have suggested that……

  2. By ourselves and if our own choice could govern, no, there is no reason for us to be in the lower realms. Lower realms are generally inhabited by the negative elements (yes, they are evil in nature). For a person to be in that particular realm, it can only mean that a being of that realm had allowed it to happen. We should be extremely careful in dealing with anyone or anything who/that belongs to that dimension. Solemn prayers can help.

  3. You only go where you really, subconsciously want to go when you have Projections. Unless there is some spirit or entity that is dragging you there but you are unaware…
    ask the question on the Astral Projection website
    there are more experienced people there that probably have the same problem you have..

  4. I remember reading about Edgar Cayce’s experiences when he went into a trance state. He described ascending first through a place where there were lower evolved spirits or those who perhaps hadn’t been so good in their lifetimes. They reached out to him as he went by, but he had to focus on the purpose of the information he was to get to rise past that level.
    I don’t know if that is directly applicable. But perhaps you need to have a purpose when you astral project to move past spirits who out of their neediness could pull you down.

  5. Perhaps you may of knew them in a past life?
    I astra traveled and met this spirit woman as we hugged….I now know who she is, she comes to visit once in a while.
    I astral projected and had a fight with a bad spirit at the foot of my bed…if he does come back I’ll kick his b** again.


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