Home Discussion Forum Is there a REAL such thing as Chakra?

Is there a REAL such thing as Chakra?

If this is True then say, ” yes” And if you can give me any places to go to learn about it or to use it please answer! Thanxx!


  1. wow, are you 5 or something. of course there is no such thing as “Chakra.” Chakra is a fictitious thing to make the Naruto anime make more sense. Unless you believe in this stuff. Chakra is sort of like a religion, where one needs to “believe” it is “real”.
    P.S. most things in anime are fake!!! if you wanna “learn” about watch Naruto or read the manga!!!

  2. Depends. Chakra is considered a form of spiritual energy by some, a lot like Aura or Chi. I don’t think you’ll be able to fire wind and shoot lightning at people though

  3. i think it is but not to the extend that the people from naruto use it.
    in martial arts it is called chi, or the power of the human body to generate energy.
    it will make your attacks more powerful if you learn to control it but it will not allow you to perform any jutsus or anything

  4. It’s more of a spiritual thing. Like someone earlier said, it’s kinda like chi and aura. They have something to do with energy. They are believed to exist, and that humans have seven chakra points within them.
    However, I don’t think they can allow a person to do jutsus or control elements or have any types of powers like that.


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