Is there a psychic,clairvoyant,tarot reader who can help?Will my boyfriend repay the money he stole from me?

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Last Night $100 mysteriously disappeared from my purse. I know my boyfriend stole it. I haven’t heard from him since yesterday. I want to break up with him because that’s the best decision. Should I act like nothing happened ? Or should I confront him? Or should I just ask if he stole it ? And will I hear from him soon ?
My Birthday is March 26,1982

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Amy N

I predict that you’ll never see that money again and you should ask your bf about it. if you gets shifty and things don’t add up, drop him.

I predict he is using your money to buy a present for another woman. He will spend a little on you but no where near the full amount. You will only get your money back by holding his dog hostage. I cannot predict the final outcome without knowing the dog’s birthday.
No one can predict over the internet. One on one contact is required.


Send him a registered letter informing if he does not return the money u will sue him.
My prediction he will give the money back.


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