Is there a psychic or medium who can answer this?





what ethinicty is this new guy i will meet soon?
hi my name is marcy. umm i was told by a someone well she was a psyhic or meduim and said i would meet this person, but he might be native amwerican. i would want to date one just for the experience.


  1. um, ok, is it really relevant what racev they are? thats a lil racist saying u want to experiment with different races, they are all people???
    But anyway, in answer to your question,
    i think he will be african american, and you will marry two or so years after. I even see two children.
    Goodluck 🙂

  2. Before I actually answer your question, may I please first address your comment of “I would want to date one just for the experience”.
    Please understand that regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, religious belief, etc., everyone is exactly the same. Another person may believe something different than you do, or they may have a different cultural background, but other than that, there is no difference.
    I’m not sure if you realize this, but alot of Mexican people have Native American blood in their backgrounds. You may even know some Mexican people or people with other Hispanic backgrounds who have Native American blood and you are not even aware of it.
    Please do not purposely go around and look/hunt for the person that this Psychic/Medium said you will meet. You will only be depriving yourself out of meeting other wonderful people along the way. When the time is right, regardless of ethnicity, you will meet the right person.
    Have a lovely rest of the day. Bright Blessings.

  3. First of all, you need to remember that if they are asking for money, they are a fraud. You are not supposed to use your talents such as that to make money. That counts as personal gain, and that is bad! You can ask enough money to cover what it cost you to make and sell whatever it is you are selling, but that is all. (when it comes to things like this.)You need to sit down with your own deck of tarot cards and start asking questions about your path. Not “what ethnicity is this new guy…” the stars and the cards do not show that. Asl things like, “Am I on the path to meet someone new” etc.And the extent of my psychism is “night”, which means I just see things that will probably happen in the near future, but without times and dates and things (usually). You cannot just see on command. Its just something that happens.
    remember that you are not supposed to buy your own first deck. someone else has to give it to you.

  4. just for the “experience”…wow….native people arent some type of experiment.
    okay well anyway the person i saw looked from South America..and he had short hair

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