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Is there a proper way to sit when you Meditate? And a question about Chakras…?

Well i have recently gotten into the idea of trying to expand my psychic powers, which are close to none at this point XD, and every site i go to tells me that meditation is the best thing to do. I tried meditating but felt i was doing something wrong, like i was sitting wrong or something. Is there a specific way you should sit when you meditate?

Also, they say doing something with your Chakra is beneficial. I havent found a good reliable website for that yet and find myself confused about Chakras. Any info?


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    When meditating it is best to simply be ‘comfortable’ & sitting. Shoulders should be back & relaxed, so that you cant stoop & it helps with alertness.

    Maybe you should tackle the calmness & position before you move on as that alone will be beneficial.

    You can join our forum as Im a meditation & psychic development teacher, so you can ask all of those questions & also sell meditation development packs for such things!


  • You can sit any way that is comfortable.
    Personally, I find that sitting in any way that is lopsided does not work and this seems to be true for others I know.
    The way that works for me is to sit comfortably but sit (or lie down) in a position where your spine is straight, your legs and feet are not crossed (don’t cross your ankles or legs) and same goes for your arms. If I am lying down I can cross my arms over my chest as long as they are not crossed over each other. I may be confusing here – basically, no part of my body is touching any other part of my body. This works best for me.
    As to chakras, most websites I have seen don’t do a very good job with the chakras. I’m sure there are good ones out there, i just haven’t seen them. There is a book I’m fairly fond of. It is called Chakras for Beginners by David Pond. You can probably pick it up fairly inexpensively on amazon.

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