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Is there a place in the mind or brain where our consciousness, perception, and thought are integrated?

And if so, where or how do you think that happens? No answers just for kicks or points, please.
I’m extending the expiration date as the answer to this question seems to be fairly counterintuitive based on consciousness research.


  1. Yes because it takes all three to function the rest of the body to do everyday movements and think ahead with prior knowledge so as not to make new mistakes.

  2. Perception is part of consciousness. Thought is a process by which perceptions are categorized. The result being the idea that we have of the perception. People with differing consciousness will have differing perceptions of the same instance and conclude with differing ideas.

  3. I don’t know where it happens because I am not a brain specialist but it happens. It has to happen or we wouldn’t survive very long in this world. Look at mentally handicapped people. Something is wrong in their brain and I don’t believe that their consciousness, perception and thought integrate the same as ours and thus they can not get along as well as others without assistance.

  4. Yes indeed.But this is where religion and spirituality come in to factor.Even though it is your others will claim it for themselves.Killing self.Peace is centered in one’s self and when that gets disturbed, frustrated, or changed to the likings of one who is capable to the individual who is the owner at that place and time can react in a way that can be catostrafic on not the next man, but the globe.Instead of fighting for the aknowledgement of one’s self, they will say it belongs to jesus when that is far from the fact.Or if it is not to the likings of one’s other’s man thought in the same space and time, they can consider you of satan.RELIGION is a serious issue to the planet earth and mankind.And now you know the center of where it stems.Enjoy your peace and declare your truth before another takes your thought and makes it thier own.The difference between righteousness and perversion to the natural world.Each man is centered in the state of mind and that is why many meditate.To master the center of themselves.And I will tell you a secret.Do not do it alone.That is where many consult ancestors of the past and present.To the great philosophy that “I AM”.Because many realise the unrighteous can manipulate the state of mind of another.But to the center is where I will dwell for eternity as a follower of the great ones of the past and present.if you can aknowledge this, will they acceot you just as great as them for realising the covets of mankind.For they have no pride.Just deep desire for TRUTH to anothers state of mind and being.SALAM.PEACE

  5. “Dear Archetypal, researching your question has been a long odyssey into the mind. An answer in a nut-shell is the Pre-Frontal Cortex.
    Asking people to perform a mental exercise while their brain activity is monitored is a technique that has enabled neuroscientists to probe the biological basis of the human mind. Research reported today has traced two familiar mental phenomena to specific locations in the brain.
    One trait believed to differentiate humans from other primates is the ability to appreciate aesthetics. Scientists have suspected that such judgement stems from an area of the brain called the prefrontal cortex–one of the last cortical regions to expand dramatically over evolution—but experimental evidence has been lacking. To test this theory, a team of researchers led by Camilo J. Cela-Conde of Balearic Islands University in Spain showed pictures of art and natural photography to eight subjects, asking them to point out the pictures they found beautiful while imaging their brains using a technique called magnetoencephalography (MEG). As predicted, the task activated the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is generally known to play a role in different kinds of decision making, the researchers note, but their analysis further identified a specific region within the prefrontal cortex that responds when an individual deems something beautiful. The study, published online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that this area may be “intrinsically related to conscious aesthetic perception” and may offer tantalizing insight into how “a phylogenetic change in the prefrontal cortex could give way to the decorative and artistic profusion” in humans.
    Consider the time course of normal visual information processing. Visual stimuli evoke trains of events in the cortex that gradually yield content of greater and greater specificity. At different times and different places, various “decisions” or “judgments” are made: more literally, parts of the brain are caused to go into states that differentially respond to different features, e.g., first mere onset of stimulus, then shape, later color (in a different pathway), motion, and eventually object recognition. It is tempting to suppose that there must be some place in the brain where “it all comes together” in a multi-modal representation or display that is definitive of the content of conscious experience in at least this sense: the temporal properties of the events that occur in that particular locus of representation determine the temporal properties–of sequence, simultaneity, and real-time onset, for instance–of the subjective “stream of consciousness.” This is the error of thinking we intend to expose. “Where does it all come together?” The answer, we propose, is Nowhere. Some of the contentful states distributed around in the brain soon die out, leaving no traces. Others do leave traces, on subsequent verbal reports of experience and memory, on “semantic readiness” and other varieties of perceptual set, on emotional state, behavioral proclivities, and so forth. Some of these effects–for instance, influences on subsequent verbal reports–are at least symptomatic of consciousness. But there is no one place in the brain through which all these causal trains must pass in order to deposit their contents “in consciousness”.

  6. why would you list these things as if they are separate? All of these exist simultaneously as separate and combined actions. Reality is the illusion. We observers create it as we go along. The fiction that we travel in linear time is the hardest thing to shake.

  7. these things are always integrated if you have a normally functioning mind. There are people with cognitive disabilities where these things do not integrate properly and they struggle in life, autism is an example of how perception can be altered and processed differently than most would and therefor thinking can be distorted. If you mean technically, there is the frontal cortex where the areas of the brain responsible for these abilities do meet. But in reality, these processeses are integrated and required to work simultaniously in order to properly percieve thing and to have normal cognitive abilities.

  8. It is the frontal lobe and is about the size of a California plum. It is one of the strongest parts of the human computer that we call a brain.

  9. All of these are transmitted through neurotransmitters and stored in the cerebellum. The subconscious mind draw from the Id’s that store the information that integrates them all and sorts them all out according to what passage is open. This is where it gets tricky because you can dream about a dog with a lamb head, or a Bird with dog feet. Unless your brain can solidify each and every subject and store it properly, it could get mixed in a case where the brain receives the wrong message and then stores the wrong information causing funny dreams or weird experiences while partially asleep.


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