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Is there a Pagan that can direct me to a school to get certified in tarot?

Sorry on the Pegan Pagan. I pushed the wrong button.


  1. You do realise that they are worked the same way as any normal set of playing cards right? Well if you can memorise those you don’t need a school to do it. Just study the meanings behind the decks depending on which pack you choose.
    It’s no big thing hun, so you can do that on your own without being conned out of a whole heap of money.

  2. answer: there are no certifications in tarot. You’re either skilled and experienced and your reputation spreads or you aren’t. There are some who offer classes in tarot. Check with local occult/New Age bookstores for possible classes. If not, find some good books and start practicing. Don’t over read for yourself either, just practice learning what the cards mean and then what the cards mean in the different positions in different layouts.
    Go to Amazon.com and key in Tarot. Then read the customer reviews on books – not the publisher reviews, the customer reviews. You’ll quickly find which books actual readers recommend.

  3. generally speaking, tarot is the combination of what the card means according to the instructions, what the card means to you, and what you feel from the person you are reading joined together to form a comprehensive view of the answer you are seeking for the person being read. Beginniners should just stick with the instructions and their meaning, and as you grow more confident, move on to what the symbol on the card means to you. Then begin to read the person seeking the answer as well as the cards, you should find your accuracy improves over time. By the way, you don’t have to be Pagan to read Tarot cards. Anyone with talent and the ability to read others as well as understand their own impressions of the cards can read them.


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