Is there a Pagan or Wiccan ritual that makes you more like a cat?

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I love cat’s. i love the way they walk i like every thing about them. I was wondering if there a pagan or wiccan ritual that makes you like a cat and be able to think like a cat and have cat personalities.

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Yes, Its teh Whiska’s Chant


What is a cat personality?
Sleep 14 hours a day, expect everyone to know what you want when you want it, if someone pets you for 2 seconds over the alotted time you bite and scratch them…


I know that you can have any animal (incluing cats) as a familiar. I suppose there may be a ritual toward that, making you more in connection with that specific cat (personality and such). Mabye research familiars.


Then get some cats. That is the best way to learn!


never heard of 1 sorry.


No, though you could work with cats as a totem or spirit animal and draw on their energies.

♥Ŝåƒϊ♥ ٭ẠτЋєąŧї٭

Lay in the sun and lick your hands, then wash your ears with them.

Tahuti Reincarnate

You could start with a daily offering of milk and a lit candle to Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, who protects homes. Once you have a sincere connection, you can invoke her.

Priestess Jean

Why not study Tiger-style Kung Fu ?
You may not become a cat, but at least
you’ll learn to move like one !


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