Should we be wary of the ones that try to explain things, quoting words from old dry paper and taking us away from the juiciness of life, of love, of consciousness?


  • Life is HELL!

    Military torture of civilian citizens:
    Electronic Manipulation/Electronic Harassment
    Multiple Stalking/Organized Stalking
    Thought Reform
    Mind Terror Tactics and Psychological Warfare
    Attempts to control human thoughts, emotions and actions for their own nasty desires.

  • Replace consciousness with awarenes. Consciousness is a process of screening out what we are conditioned “not” to let into our awareness. There is so much going on outside your consciousness that is filtered out of your awareness it would astound you. Literally billions of bits of information per second are whittled down to 15 to 30 bits per second.

    You are right, however, that life is juicy and wonderful and it only gets more so as we become more and more aware of what our consciousness filters out.

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