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Is there a name for someone who knows herbalism and crystal healing but is not into witchcraft or wicca?

If there isn’t a name, what would you call it?


  1. Herbalist? New Ager? . . . if you don’t believe in that stuff, “quack” might fit, too.
    Alternative healer would be a nicer way to say it.

  2. Green witch.. except that is kinda witchcraft.. lol..
    EDIT.. the person a few questions below said Hedge Witch.. thats the one.. i couldn’t remember it.. but she is right =D x

  3. I believe it is Hedge Witch. Witch in this sense is another word for wise one or wisdom. I think it is an old term for someone who is in to the herbal end of things but not the mystical or occult things.

  4. I know hedge witches that fall into that category.
    But I think the name you’re looking for is New Age Person.

  5. ‘Herbalist’ would be appropriate for someone with knowledge of herbal remedies.
    As far as crystal healing goes, perhaps ‘crystal therapist’ or ‘natural therapist’. The problem with the word ‘therapist’ though, is that it does appear to carry connotations of rigorous training.
    Maybe just ‘healer’ would be better, and that would cover herbalism too. But even there, if you call yourself a healer, you’re appearing to have claims to be successful.

  6. Herbalism and crystal healing aren’t Witchcraft or Wicca. These techniques may be used by Witches, Wiccans or Pagans, but that doesn’t mean they are the same thing.
    You’re just a person. Do what feels right to you and don’t worry about the label.


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