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Is there a legitiment way to find out what color your aura is?

(And what the color means)
Its ridiculous how many people make quizzes and bogus websites trying to give people fake information. Its really hard to distiguish the real info from the fake. I’m interested in stuff like Chakra, Meditation, ect. So if anyone has some good LEGITIMENT sites, I’d appreciate that, too.
And if you will be sarcastic or not give me a serious answer then don’t bother!


  1. dost so charge us?
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  2. You are more likely to step in front of a F.L.I.R. then to find a legit website.
    Fluke Infrared: technolgy in cameras used by special ops to “see” in heat sources.

  3. If you want to find out what other people’s auras are you have to look at the space around them. You could see some white glow around them. If you have some sort of gift or whatever you may be able to see some kind of color. The basics to the colors are lighter ones are good, gold being the best, and darker ones aren’t very good. If you want to find out the color of your own aura, maybe ask a good friend to try to look at you, or look in the mirror. I’ve been interested in this myself, too. I hope this helps. 😀


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