is there a graphic symbol or a ideogram to represent kundalini?

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i am looking for a symbol or ideogram (hindu, chinese, japanese etc.) to use in a tattoo and symbolizes the yogic “kundalini”

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It’s a serpent (I hope that didn’t sound too religious….eeek) but it is the serpent energy at the base of your spine. I hope this helps.

Cindy H

Yes, try the Hatha Yoga Society or Siddaha Meditation. It’s a snake unwinding – sometimes with the Chakra colors. I know they use it on some of their publications. Also, there are many different artistic interpretations of it so you should have a good choice.

Sensei TeAloha

~~~spc14 ,,, The Serpent is the Animal Symbol of Kundalini. A coiled serpent at the Base or Root Chakra symbolizes it’s Latent Potential for Growth. As the serpent rises Upward through the Chakras this symbolizes the Path of Growth of Conciousness until ulltimately it reaches the Crown Chakra and the Being has acheived Enlightenment as it graduated through each Chakra, generally speaking. The Collective Conciousness of Mankind, as found in many scriptures and teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc, etc,,,, is currently on the cusp of Advancement or Graduation to the Heart Chakra (the Love or Compassion Center of Harmony, Trust, Altruism ) Speak with your Artist so they may give an Artistic Interpretation of this Symbology. Try and get as many Visual Images as you can find which you can present to The Artist so they can determine what YOU want, which will provide The Basis from which they will work from. FYI: Symbology of The Heart Chakra= 4th Chakra(midpoint between the 3 Lower and 3 Higher Chakras), Green, Air, The Cross, Yang Energy (“Positive Element” of YinYang), Musical Note “F”, Sound is “Ay” (rhymes w/Hay) and “Lam” and The Flute and The Wind, Minerals=Emerald, Tourmaline, Jade, Rose Quartz, Astrological Ref. Air Signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, “Traditional” Sense is Touch/”Modern” is Internal Visual, Physical Areas are Thymus, Lungs, Breathing Allergies, Heart, Blood pressure, Lymph, Immune System. You will most likely just now discover the True Meaning behind the Symbolism of The Caduceus, which I suggest you Google Image, and have a New Perspective on why this is a Symbol of Health (Well Being)when taking into account The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection. ~ Namaste`


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