Home Discussion Forum Is there a good source for mens yoga/meditation clothing?

Is there a good source for mens yoga/meditation clothing?

Almost everything I can find is designed for women. I would like to find a good source for mens yoga and meditation clothing. Can anyone provide a good source and link?


  1. Sure, here are a few sites I found.
    Bepresent has a nice assortment of tops and bottoms, just check the navigation bar to the side and you’ll see them.
    This site only has a pair of pants for men. That’s right. Just one pair of pants.
    Another good one, shirts, bottoms, tanks, and outerwear.
    I hope these help!
    -Just wanted to show you this because it’s funny-
    I like how ‘clothing for men’ consists of some fakey coin necklaces and a shirt with an elephant on it.

  2. For really high quality yoga clothing that’s male-friendly, you should try Prana and Lululemon. Plus, they’re both environmentally friendly. Prana works with a lot of organic cotton and Lululemon integrates silver and seaweed for really high-tech gear.

  3. I’m a big prAna fan. I use their Mantra Yoga short (a snug rather than loose style)
    Try 72K ( http://www.72k.com/ ) Have never tried their stuff , but they’re the only company I’m aware of that does only men’s, no women’s, yoga wear.

  4. I agree with the other answerers 🙂
    be present is great – and they have a wide variety!
    prana also, is a favorite, with a large mens selection
    Yoga Tribe and Culture is fun – mostly tops
    also look at:
    I love Yoga – http://www.iloveyoga.com – they have a variety of tops and bottoms from many different companies.
    Lastly, I’d look at the Y Catalog – they too, are a great blend of different companies for yoga accessories and attire.


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