Is there a good song you can do tai chi to?

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because some friends and I are doing a dancey sort of tai chi routine. I need a song or a few songs which sound cool, have fast and slow parts, maybe some sound effects too like leaves rustling. I want the music to kind of send shivers down someones spine.

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I wouldn’t suggest anything with vocals. You may want to listen to:
1. Tangerine Dream
2. Enigma
3. Keiko Matsui
4. Vangelis
Anything like those that’s all instrumental, and somewhat atmospheric sounding. Look in the jazz/new age section at the music store.

David N

I would suggest that you explore New Age type music and soundscapes.


I would not go past simple flute, or the sounds of a waterfall, most any music you choose is going to raise your heartbeat to it’s tempo, and you will not be relaxed. Tai Chi should increase your energy, not eat it up. You and your friends are probably better served by Tai Bo, if you want a cardio workout. cheers

simon f

fast taichi? hmmmmmmmmmmmm only place i ever saw that was the olympic opening.
some of the music from the last of the mohicans soundtrack could work.


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