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Is there a good psychic medium on here that can talk to the dead?

Is there a good psychic medium on here that can talk to the dead? I don’t want to have to tell you anything personal (ex. name, how they died, relationship) because I’ve been watching John Edwards & all my friends call him real, but Google calls him a scammer. If anyone can give me a medium reading please reply.


  1. Anyone can talk to the dead, Lad. But the dead can’t talk back. That’s what dead means. You DON’T come back! Anyone telling you differently is either deluded or a scam artist.
    Congratulations on Googling John Edwards and learning the truth about him. It shows you have a good potential for critical thinking. The way you’ve phrased this question (refusing to give personal details) shows, too, that you demand proof before accepting odd ideas. Good work. Keep thinking that way. It’s called rationality.

  2. I wish I could tell you I am psychic, but like you I am looking for a true psychic. I want John Edwards to be real, and how dare he scam everyone if he isn’t. Good question and good luck, I will be watching your answers…
    It seems to me all you nay sayers are pretty adamant about not being around after death. What are you afraid of anyway?
    Are you making the most of your “only” life then? Just curious…

  3. Anybody can talk to the dead. The trick is making them talk back. And no, they don’t talk back. Dead is dead, as far as can be scientifically known. But if you ask this question outside the Science & Mathematics category, you’re likely to get a different answer.
    By the way, Peter is right. John Edward is the biggest douche in the universe. Google “biggest douche in the universe” and you’ll see for yourself.

  4. John Edward is a fraud. He is lying to these poor fools who are gullible enough to believe him. Normally I would say it’s just the price of stupidity, but when he is altering the memories living people have of their dead relatives he is crossing a very significant ethical boundary.
    He is, without a doubt, the biggest douche in the universe.
    Oh, and no one can communicate with dead people because they are….dead and gone.
    Oh, and I’m not afraid of anything. This is my only life and I choose not to practice self-deception by pretending anything else about it.
    Why do people believe in life after death? The answer is because we all want to live forever. What proof/idea/indication to we have that there is such a thing as life after death? The answer is nothing more than anecdotal evidence and spiritual mythologies told to us by *people who are still alive* (i.e. not dead, so how would they know?)
    I would love for their to be life after death. However, I am not going to believe it’s true just because I would like it to be.

  5. Seems not a single skeptic is practiced well enough in a cold reading technique to even attempt this for you. Interesting how they invoke that explanation and yet know nothing about their claimed explanation.


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