Is there a good psychic medium on here that can talk to ppl that have passed away?

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i have been looking for a real medium/ psychic that could give me a reading, without me having to tell you too much about the person, if you could help that would be fab! thank you 🙂
my names jennie i’m english and my D.OB.. is 01. dec .1988 ..

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no, there’s no one

Vasudev P

Give you birth details and test how it is


Sadly, it has been proved over and over again, all over the world, that people who claim to be mediums, able to make contact with those who are dead, are at best delusional, or at worst unscrupulous fakes.
People who have died live on in the memory of those left behind, and that really for all of us, is as far as it goes.


Go for Kriya Yoga of Paramhansa Yogananda and practice it for about two years sincerely.


I cannot read anything about people who passed away, and even if I tried, there is no guarantee that it will be correct. That’s just me though.
All I need is a name (no other details)
since I have that…
you frequently think about 2 people. It makes you a little sad when you think of them. You also think of jobs often. Focus strongly on academics. You’ll do good.


if you are a medium/psychic, what religion would you be?

if you believe in ghosts & demons and/or have seen them, & your wondering what religion would you have?

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I'm searching for a religion…help me find it!?

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