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Is there a free online site to learn yoga?

I want to start doing yoga, but don’t have time or money to join an obligatatory (is that even a word lol?) group. Is there a site where i can learn some yoga for free? If not, any suggestions on what else i could do, like yoga alternatives or something?


  1. Type yoga into a search engine and you’ll get tons of postures. I don’t know if any are well integrated into a video or not.
    Also, a lot of hospitals offer free yoga classes. I’m not sure how closely they check whether you are a patient or not though.
    Libraries have videos on yoga as well as pilates, tai chi, and other modalities.
    Good luck.

  2. Here’s 2 good sites to learn yoga for free online…Both offer photos and explanations of the poses. Plus different styles of yoga and health benefits. Have fun!


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