Is there a difference between pure love from source and unconditional love?





A dear friend of mine asked a question similar to this awhile back, and I have been wondering about this ever since đŸ™‚ Just wanted to hear your thoughts. Is pure love the same as loving without conditions?
During a deep spiritual moment I felt what I intuitively termed ‘unconditional love’, yet is there really no conditions attached? Is this my ego attempting to intellectualize this spiritual experience? Is it that words of duality can’t accurately depict the meaning of non-duality being?
I agree…I am not sure that our lower self (what I call Earth based consciousness) is capable of this divine love. It seems that a transcendental experience must occur to gain access to this connection…this connection that is always there, but covered up by fears and/or ego. Everything you just said resonates deep within.
Thank you for your thoughts!
No thumbs down from me. I appreciate all of your answers.


  1. Pure love keeps no records of wrongs,pure love is always and forever unconditional.Unconditional Love is a dynamic and powerful energy that lifts us through the most difficult times.So i dont think there can be any difference.

  2. Pure love from Source is the direct, unblocked outflow from Source through us. Unconditional love is the challenge to Ego to cooperate with this flow. So the phrases could be framing the question from divine and earthly perspectives.

  3. Love is a choice for each individual, and there is no unconditional version of it. There is blind love, which may appear to be unconditional love. But it requires a set of conditions to be fulfilled before it can exist, and it also requires a set of conditions to be maintained for it to continue to exist.
    There is unconditional acceptance, and that’s probably confused for love considering how rare it is, and how good it feels for the receiver đŸ˜‰

  4. Yes and yet relatively so! It is free of social ,cultural, historical and other such impositions but not free of the Order that sustains/nurtures and runs the creation; violating such Order spells doom to existence itself including of course unconditional love. It must follow the ‘Source’ ordained structure for ones own peace and prosperity which alone sustains unconditional love.

  5. Unconditional love is unconditional if it is accepted. It is good to remember that love is a person and not a thing, quantity or value to be handed out.
    Love is only unconditional to the extent that conditions cannot find it; nor are conditions found in the knowledge of Love’s presence. Unconditional love is not permissive as some would claim.. Still if we taste of it we have by mercy entered a place where conditions do not exist. Such experience should rest with mankind all the time. For a moment you were free of your conditions in the presence of love which is pure and perfect. That does not mean that The Love is unconditional as some contend.
    As for duality it is somewhat over worked. We are people of words and words have the ability to bring life from the source. We have head knowledge and heart knowledge. One for below and one for above. The love of God is not an attribute, except for discussion, because love is what God is. He does not dispense love as something separate from himself. We enter by revelation and the love we find has a name and it speaks as well.
    It is written that we live and move and have our being in God. We are swimming in unconditional love with every breath and don’t know it. God changes not. The conditions are things we attach. Many want God to change his nature and accept their conditions. They ask for unconditional love in error. For those who live by conditions God has mercy. If God was nothing but a force such as electricity? Is electricity unconditional? Sure is, but approach it under the wrong conditions and the results will not produce all the comforts of home.
    You are correct in that the mind will always tend to mess with your intuition. For want of a better word intuition is central to real faith. Live by the simple intuition that comes from your heart/spirit. It is most often right and second thoughts only spoil or destroy. The heart wants and needs to be full, the head wants to be right. Which is the better intellect?
    God who is love never changes and is therefore conditional from the view point of those who want to change everything but themselves. Yet God in himself and in his own nature is unconditional.
    Faith, hope, love, long suffering, kindness, mercy and many more attributes come out of this unchanging love.. God’s love is also not subject to conditions as he is no respecter of persons and he, who is love, endures forever unchanged.
    Man is the receiver, God the transmitter. In the East they spend much time on the receiver. In the west much time is spent on the analysis of the transmitter, situation reports and flight briefings. Both seem a little busy. Not to be mean, but I find little use for concepts surrounding the words unconditional or transcendental.
    I am glad God sets the conditions that reveal his love to any who approach without pride, demands or conditions. It is simply written that he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him. And those who seek find that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus for those who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.

  6. Suppose there is a wooden elephant painted in red color. If one sees the elephant, he cannot see the wood. If he is concentrating on that wood, he cannot see the elephant. If he is concentrating on that red color, he cannot see either the elephant or wood.
    Same way love is unique. The lovers know its varieties.

  7. .
    QUOTE: “Is it that words of duality can’t accurately depict the meaning of non-duality being?”
    Yes, I think that is certainly part of the problem. As is also the use of the word “Love” being ascribed both to the quality of a Divine Being and, at the same time, to the lower nature of a human being. In truth, they are worlds apart, and there is no comparison between the two.
    The nearest we can get, is to say that Divine Love is pure, unconditional and blissful. Indeed, it is the very nature of God Himself.
    This pure Love can sometimes be felt flowing through us, such as in the deeply spiritual moment you describe. It is what we aspire to, and long for, ….. To be in remembrance and communion with God once again.
    I would say that of our lower selves we are not capable of unconditional love. True unconditional Love would always come from Divine Source. Whether we are feeling it during prayer or meditation, or it is flowing through us and extending from us in our actions.
    We may think that we, of ourselves, are capable of unconditional love and loving without conditions, but if we look closely at the roots of our “unconditional love” we will undoubtedly turn up roots if we are very honest with ourselves. The roots may even be, “wishing to be a good and spiritual person”. That may be the “condition” that we are trying to fulfil.
    So differentiation between our lower self’s idea of unconditional love, and pure Divine unconditional love is essential .
    Kasey, I believe that what you felt was a very real and genuine experience of pure Divine unconditional Love.
    It’s so incredibly hard to put into words. It’s like trying to compare a mountain to a mole-hill. One is a thought-less flow, the other is contrived.

  8. They are same. One is a process of differentiation and the other is a process of undifferentiation. When God differentiates its love into all living and non living, is love from source given democratically to every one living or non living just like the sun gives its heat and light equally to every thing on earth. . In the process of undifferentiation or attempt to go back to the source, if a human being provide the same kind of love, that god is giving to us, to all the living and non living around that person unconditionally, then that person is imparting the same kind of love which god is giving to all. So the love also travels from unity(source) to infinity(to cosmos) and from infinity(cosmos) back to unity(source).

  9. Unconditional love is so rare on Earth, and yet we crave it.
    Romantic love and even parental love is quite conditional: if you make a mistake, the love is withdrawn immediately. This leaves you uneasy and worried about what we call love here.
    The pure love of God is unconditional love.
    Religions try to make us believe that if we make mistakes, God immediately withdraws His love and sends us to Hell.
    If we accept that view, that God is no greater than mankind, we won’t believe unconditional love exists. We will believe that God has a temper, God is vengeful and petty, and He has no more stake in our lives than someone we just met.
    God is “heart of your heart, life of your life.”
    He knows what motivated you to do things, He understands how difficult life is, and He just adores you.
    Anything less than that would not be His nature.

  10. I don’t know what you mean by “pure love” but there is no such thing as unconditional love. Even a mother would stop talking to her son if he was a pedophile or serial killer.

  11. Well since pure love and unconditional love all come from God. I would say there is no difference. Just two ways of decribing the same love.
    By definition PURE love would have to be unconditional.
    The term unconditional love has been floating around Christian circles since I have been saved (Early 1980’s) as away to describe the bible word “agape” the word used for God’s Love.
    There is no other source for this kind of love than God.

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