Sunday, September 26, 2021

is there a difference between martial arts ,tai chi, ty kwon do, and karate and stuff like that?

because i wanna do somethin like that but idk the difference
and what would you suggest for begginers?


  1. Tai Chi isnt a martial art BTW
    and yes there is.
    They come from different places, and different times.
    Some are off shoots of others.
    Everything evolves, so did the arts

  2. yes, there is a big difference
    first of all, all those styles are different types of martial arts
    i personally do taekwondo, which originated in korea and was first used to defend against animals. later it was used in the military and now mainly as sport or mental training.
    the other styles I do not really know, but it all depends on where they came from. karate, for instance, is chinese. karate deals with mainly the hands and elbows. taekwondo deals mainly with kicking.
    almost every martial art though does deal with mental awareness and being one with yourself and all of those kinds of things. its both mental and physical training.

  3. Quite honestly elliot I don’t know whether to laugh at you or smack you around for being so ignorent and trying to make people beleive you know what you are saying. TKD was not invented to fight off animals. TKD is actually a blending of earlier Korean arts with karate techniques. Karate originated in Okinawa, although many Chinese Kung Fu practitioners did have some influence from techniques they taught when visiting, it is in no way Chinese.
    As for your question Courteney there are many differences and many styles of each of these. For instance there are 3 main branches of karate. the original Okinawin styles, the japanes styles that came from the Okinawin styles, and the American hybred styles. Adding to that is that there are numerous styles that are different under each of these main headinsg. people that put karate is 50% kicking and 50% punching are wrong. Some styles are that way, but many are a different ratio. Many contain grappling motions.
    Kung fu is even worse for number of styles.
    My advice is find out what is availible in your area. Search here for what to look for in a good school and what to avoid. There are many good answers on here, all you have to do is use the search feature. Once you know what questions to ask, and what to look for, visit each school and watch classes.
    What you want is not so much a certian style, but the one that you can find the best instruction, and the most realistic training in your area, that you can afford.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Bad Company has bad information. Tai CHi is a martial art !!!
    Some of the major differences are the regions the art came from (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).
    Also arts are seperated into grappling arts (Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo) and striking arts (Karate, Taekwando, Kempo).
    I suggest you go check out different schools and see which one appeals to you. ALL martial arts are beneficial in harmonizing mind, body and spirit.
    Good Luck and remeber it’s not important what you trian in as much as that you train 🙂

  5. Yes Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art.
    Judo is kinda like wrestling.
    Karate is kinda like boxing with kicking in it.
    Kung fu is kinda like karate.

  6. In the end, no. As a lifelong Krav Maga student, I have found over the years the my study of Tai Chi Chuan, Combat SAMBO and my initial study of Krav Maga have all blended in.
    I the the Tai Chi Boxing Chronicles they say “head light”, this translates into proper head and chin placement for the head, “Spine like an axle, waist like a wheel’, drawing power from floor are concepts common to all arts. Pushig from the feet to the hips which drive the punch.
    The China Na from tai chi chuan is the basis the locks in Combat SAMBO.
    Tai Chi Chuan takes a long time to learn, Krav Maga takes a short intense period to learn. Many of my IDF Sayaret brothers have found both peace and new power in the Chinese Martial Arts.
    Personally, I love Combat SAMBO, as in Krav Maga, we learn to use modern techniques and weapons from day 1. Tai Chi Chuan takes much longer to master, but in the end, you wiil have a skill for life. Those who don’t understand tai chi chuan criticize out of lack of knowledge. I find that some of the concepts I learn in Tai Chi Chuan help me with Combat SAMBO.
    Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art based on Karate, Karate is a Japanese art, very angular, many practitioners are prone to arthritis. Most of us who were trained as Krav Maga combat soldiers have gone to CMA because we really enjoy it.
    In the end you have to make up your own mind, anyone who tries to sell you a 24 posture form is not really a tai chi sifu, the 24 posture is just an extra to the Wu Style solo form (108 posture) or the Yang Long form (108 posture).
    Some arts are easier to learn, as I said, in Combat SAMBO and Krav Maga we start learning the practical from Day 1 (gun, knife, bottle, bat). Some arts take years to learn but are a journey in knowledge as well as self defense. Some places teach Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, I have included a couple of links.
    In the end all arts produce the results of health and mobility, and I teach a combat art, study a combat art and study a very old martial art.

  7. um…VERY MUCH SO!!!!!!!
    okay, i teach karate and self defense, so i’ll be able to answer this:
    -martial arts is just the overall term for all the other things that you have mentioned, first of all.
    -tai chi is a series of slow movements. it’s kind of like yoga, but it’s not a workout as much as a focusing exercise.
    -tai kwon doe is a bit like karate (a style of fighting and respecting your teachers) but the detailed rules are slightly similar (like when you bow in tai kwon doe, your eyes have to be up, facing your opponent or whomever, when in karate, your eyes have to be down).
    -and karate is just like tai kwon doe, except with different rules.
    you know you love me. xoxo, gossip girl 😉

  8. Tai Chi, Taekwondo, and most styles are karate are descended from Shaolin Temple Boxing, a fighting style developed and perfected by Chinese monks. The earliest Shaolin Temple Boxing was brought to China by an Indian Buddhist monk called the Boddhidarma. Tai Chi is a soft, internal style, while Taekwondo and most forms of karate are hard, external styles.

    • tai chi is a style derived from china most internal and has external movements if studied for a long time. me personally i study hung gar which is internal and external but very difficult to learn. karate is a japanese style mostly external but easy to learn when been in for a while. taekwondo is korean mostly external leg movement good for people who likes kicking. now at days treated as a sport. but chinese gung fu is very dangerous not to be a sport but meant to maim or kill your opponent…NO RULES ATTACHED


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