Is there a difference between a warlock and a wizard? Or a Witch and a sorcerer?






Are they all just different names for the basically the same thing?


  1. well, only in my opinion and guessing, i’d say the warlock and witch are wiccan religious titles, where wizard and sorcerer are mythological. but it’s only a guess.

  2. a warlock is an evil witch – technically a witch can be a woman or a man.
    wizard is kind of catch-all, but generally wizards practice magic through a scientific study of it, while witch’s practice it more intuitively and sorcerers commune with spirits

  3. hits are a success and misses are failures.
    witches hiss and wizard’s are a myth, so I guess your answer is a hiss and myth.

  4. There is not really a clear answer. This varies depending on whether you mean fantasy role playing, stories (such as fantasy stories, fairy tales, or mythology), or actual practing witches (such as those who prcatice Wicca or Magick).
    In fantasy role playing and mythology/folktales/fantasy stories, sometimes they are similar, but there is usually a difference. The exact difference will vary from game to game.
    In many faiy tales, warlocks and witches tend to have natural magic (or a blend of natural and learned magic) while wizards and sorcerors tend to have learned magic. Wizards and warlocks are male. Sorcerors can be either sex. Witches are female.
    In the Harry Potter Stories, a wizard is male and a witch is female.
    From a religious standpoint, practicing witches (ex: Wicca or Majick) prefer to be called witches, regardless of sex. I went to college with some practicing witches (both male and female) who educated me on this point. The word “Warlock” literally translates as “liar”. To call a practicing male witch a “Warlock” is an extreme insult. A practicing male witch prefers to be called a “Witch”.

  5. In religious ~ Wiccan and Pagan ~ terms :~
    Witch ~ the name for male and female practitioners of both Witchcraft and Wicca.
    Wizard ~ no such thing.
    Warlock ~ old Scottish word meaning ‘Oath-breaker’ {VERY offensive when incorrectly applied to a male Witch!}
    Sorcerer {or Sorceress} ~ this name comes from the fact that magic and witchcraft were / are sometimes referred to as ‘Sorcery’. It is sometimes aligned with the practice of Alchemy.

  6. Warlocks are, among historic Christian traditions, said to be the male equivalent of witches and were said to ride pitchforks instead of broomsticks which normally witches would ride. In traditional Scottish witchcraft, “warlock” was and is simply the term used for a wizard, or male witch. A synonym is sorcerer.
    A magician, wizard, sorcerer or a person known under one of many other possible terms is someone who uses or practices magic that derives from supernatural or occult sources.

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