Is there a device used to make someone loose consciousness that leaves a circle of pin pricks on back of ear?

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I read an article that described a circle of marks behind a victims ear who passed out during the assault. I wondered if the marks were pertenint and the reason the person lost consciousness?
Interesting about X-men, but it was a serious article.

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Never heard of such a device.

♫♪♪ Sexy Pink Fox ♪♪♫

sounds like an alien attack……hmmm, fishy!

Jerry M

yes there is such a device.


That was used in X-Men 2… only the circle was behind the neck. Dr. Stryker used it to control the mutants and make them do his bidding. They had no memory of being used by him… only that mysterious circle behind their necks.
Also, when the soldiers broke into the school, they used those little darts to knock people out.
Yes, I think you are thinking of X-Men, here.


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