Home Discussion Forum Is there a correlation between the below quote, theology, and psychology?

Is there a correlation between the below quote, theology, and psychology?

Your search among books, word upon word, may lead you to the depths of knowledge, but it is not the way to receive the reflection of your true self.
When you have thrown off your ideas as to mind and body, the original truth will fully appear. Zen is simply the expression of truth; therefore longing and striving are not the true attitudes of Zen.
-Dogen, “The Practice of Meditation”
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  1. buddhism claims is does not have a theology but certainly it has a psychological way of thinking. long before zen came along the original idea were kept simple. the buddha said cravings was the source of all our pain and misery. to detach and be rid of cravings was the most important step in moving toward enlightenment and the so-called dharma. through meditation we seek the simple truth. simplifying is hard but complicating things (obfuscating) is all too easy. that is what is wrong with our judicial system. it is designed to complicate and cloud the truth for the benefit of lawyers. the truth can be hard to see but is is simple though often covered in a cloud of smoke.

  2. Yes. The quote speaks about a meditative state of mind when it is absorbed in the ultimate reality or GOD. Theology is reasoned discussion about GOD, spirituality and religion, so it relates to GOD. Now all it happens through mind which is the instrument for thinking about self, GOD etc. Psychology is a scientific study of mental processes so it naturally relates to anything involving mind. Now, when one thinks and contemplates over all this, it relates to all three. But when you attain the state which is talked about, you move beyond mind and hence all these three things you want to correlate. That’s a beautiful experience.

  3. the correlation, to me, is in trying to tell you how to be, what road will lead you to personal enlightenment and fulfillment,,,,,, its not the same for all,,,,, Zen may be the expression of truth,,,,,,, that comes after longing and striving for it,,, but no, they are not part of the Zen state, at the same time, it doesnt mean you shouldnt do it,,,,,, do find your true self,,,,, which i believe is a combination of what/how you were born plus what you have developed, you , while reading the books and the quotes, finally come to an understanding within yourself,,,,, plus your self is something you develop,,,,, how you are today is not how you must be tomorrow,,,, its within your control,,,, and im not even sure what original truth is, other then we continue on, and on,,, and create ourselfs, in a sense

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